haha i win fuckers.

so i went to the police station to get a “certificate of correction” so that i can get the ticket dismissed.
the cops are so fucking dumb…
after about an hour of fiddling with wires last night tj listened to my advice and looked for a fuse. and oh, there it was. simple as cake.
so i went to the police station, yanked out the fuse, hid the wire, and demonstrated how my illigal lights do NOT work anymore 😉
certificate granted.
i left, put the fuse back in place, and i*m back just like i was before.
they didn*t even look to see if i had a toggle, or a killswitch, or had cut the wires. nothing. they just made sure when i have my headlights on that the bluelights didn*t go on. hell they didn*t even do that in the first place, i had to turn them on manually with a switch. idiots…
haha fuckers you will never beat me.


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