i completely forgot to mention…

on the way out to sound beach tonight me and kole, like always, met a guy while driving. haha.
i get onto the lie and about a quarter mile up the road i see a hooked up honda *swoon* with altezza lights. meaning=almost definitly a cool guy driving. so i caught up to him to check him out and lo and behold i was right. we made eye contact, said a little hello, and then for the next 10 -12 exits it was an all out race and fucking speeding game of Tag. and it was funnn. so like the guy wasn*t gorgeous or anything but he was cute and had a cool car and like he rolls down the window and pulls up next to me and waves his phone numbah at me and nikole like literally hung herself out of the car while we*re doing 80 to grab it. kole i love you. and he motioned for me to call him on the cell so i did and his name is frank and he works for an auto place hooking up cars and stuff and we talked a bit and he was really nice and he*s gonna call me tomorra b/c he wants to chill.
as always, crazy fucking adventures with my favorite partner in crime.
go speedracer go…


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