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easy come, easy go.

April 24, 2002

less than 12 hours after i recieved my tax refund, it*s all gone.
the system in my car is going to kill you.
’nuff said.
on a lighter note–
we had “human relations day” (gay) at school today and all these people come to talk to the classes about suicide and crap and this guy from AA came to talk about being an alcoholic and how he*s sober now and stuff…
me and my friend john got this horribly wonderful plan to attend an alcoholics anonymous meeting… except we*d show up absolutely fucking piss drunk.
i think it would be slightly amusing… anyone down?
i am a horrible person 😉


this one calls for a booty dance…

April 24, 2002

got my tax returns.

April 24, 2002

i fucking hate you SO much.
i wish you*d just fucking die already.
or fall off the face of the earth.
and do it soon.

bad things in threes…

April 24, 2002

i remember i wrote a post a couple weeks ago about how bad things come in threes and two things had happened to lynbrook. that hostage thing at staples and then the shooting at the olp church. yesterday morning, just as i thought, number three happened. there was this huge fire in lynbrook (yes, again, that is my town) at this old people*s place and the only person to die was one of the firefighter*s who went to try and save people*s grandmother. how fucked up is that?
let*s hope that is the last of the bad stuff for my town…

April 23, 2002

my mom usually calls me every morning at 9am and yells at me on my answering machine to get the fuck outta bed and go to school. that*s the only thing that*ll wake me up.
she forgot to call today.
thanks mom!
i*m gonna go enjoy daytime television =D


April 23, 2002

just got back from being with lou…
today sucked. didn*t go to school b/c of my fucking gay-ass ovaries. i hate you. die. work was aight. boring. got some more pictures developed. dain in a dress. looks quite good actually 😉 whatev. came home. bored. went to kole*s. xFGCx like whoa… lou was doin shit for gfy and needed somethin printed out from a zip disk so we drove back to my place but lou-ser can*t keep up with mah drivin skills (haha) and he got lost so while i waited for him to realize this i tried to print his shit but the disk was for a mac not a pc and he calls and i*m like hey jerk where*d ya go so i went outside to wait for him to find his way back and to give him his disk. he showed up, i walked over to the car and gave him his stuff, expecting that to be the end… and he*s like, “nigga get in the car you look cold” so we sat and chilled and he*s all whining and boo-hoo*ing about his back hurting so i gave him a backrub b/c i ROCK at that. and like, he looks at me and says “kiss me fucker” it was SO funny that boy oh god it*s so hard not to laugh at him sometimes. so we just
sat outside my house hooking up for like an hour. and like, damn, the shit that came outta this guy*s mouth was like Marla Singer from Fight Club. and like at one point he just stops and starts cuddling and holding me and gets really quiet and emo and i*m like ‘lou what*s wrong?’ and he*S just like “nothing, i just really like holding you…” he keeps asking me when i*m moving to philly… and he sais he*s gonna come visit even though he fucking hates philly he wants to hang out. whatever 😉
and the best part? it*s alllll bullshit. lou is a playa and a half. and i know this. and kole knows this. and after the whole bill thing i am not going to have feelings for anyone till i*m at least 35. i don*t even know why i bothered writing all that about what just happened. there*s no point to any of this. so why bother writing it? i duno. just b/c i like recording all the pointless meaningless bullshit moments in my life on livejournal. but until then, why not enjoy little moments with painfully gorgeous guys (lou) sitting outside my house and being emo? why the fuck not. lou*s a good guy, he*s good to keep around for entertainment value only.
rock on meaningless hookups.


somebody shoot me

April 22, 2002

i haven*t gotten my period since january.
rock on birth control, i love you.
but my body decided to revolt against me.
stupid fucking ovaries.
i have the world*s worst cramps.
i can*t move.
somebody put me out of my misery.

my ink.

April 22, 2002

bad picture, but, good enough for now…

do i look like i know what i*m doing?! i*m driving a mercedes!!

April 21, 2002

cool weekend…
saturday*s show was amazing. tons of fun. soo many kids showed up. hardcore chris even came. ❤ him. a global threat was awesome as were the casualties. i love rick he*s the sweetest guy in the world and he promised he*d take me to a stripclub now that i*m 18 =D rock on. i can*t wait to develop my pictures tomorrow… spent the night at nikole*s with tj and stuff. smoked a small amount of pot simply b/c it*s 420 and as cheesy as it is, why not? xtian came over. him and kole are back together. thank god. i love the two of them so much and they love eachother so much. it*s like what me and bill had before it all started getting shitty. when it was still good… anyway. tj*s car broke so he took his parent*s mercedes SUV truck to kole*s and they both drank a little and we wanted to go to mcdonald*s so i got to drive it and oooh man it was fucking awesome. some fucking kids in a little Jetta pulled up next to me and rolled down the window and were like “c’mon let*s do it, you wanna race??” and i was like “man if i had my car i would fucking tear you a new asshole but t
his is my friend*s and i*m not gonna do that” cause i didn*t wanna fuck up tj*s parent*s car but like how fucking dumb are these kids to wanna race a 6-cylinder mercedes against a fucking shitty ass jetta? and a chick was driving nonetheless. losers. i woulda fuckin shit on them if tj hadn*t been stoned & paranoid. haha. oh well. mereceeeedeeeees. bling bling. whatev. today was aight. just chilled around doing nothing. i swear the more i hang out with kole the more i fucking love that girl. gfy show next week. holla.


April 20, 2002

shitty night for everyone.
jay i hope you*re feeling better from your car accident.
kole i hope things are going well with you and xtian
dain just remember i am always here if you need a shoulder.
hours spent waiting for no one for no reason.
tonight +sucked+
but on the one good hand, i got some blow from my brother… haven*t done that in a year… oh well…
fuck today, i*m going to sleep