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ring ring

May 31, 2002

got my new celly today.
thus, new number.
you want it?
email me


May 31, 2002

i got another award last night at award*s night even though i did not attend… they gave it to me in school. another huge plac “for outstanding achievement in visual arts” bah. and i don*t even try. are they trying to tell me something?
rob came over today b/c he left his blazer here about a month ago when the brakes failed… he got new pads, roaters and lines and taught me how to fix//change//whatever brakes. he let me do +all+ the work and i got absoultely FILTHY and i fucking loved it. i did a good job and it was really easy and afterwards i was like hm, he just spent $300 on parts and i did it myself, but when i paid my mechanic to fix all my brakes it was $500. doing it yerself is definitly better, funner, and a fuck of a lot cheaper.
i can*t wait till i get to philly so i can take automotive classes.



May 29, 2002

sliced my finger open with a razor blade in art today.
need stitches.
didn*t get any.
work was fun.
i*m done.

on another non-alcoholic note…

May 28, 2002

couple weeks ago i skipped out on this “awards” thing at Briarcliffe college b/c i had work and figured they*d only be giving me a cheesy certificate or something…
turns out some guy from the college came to school last thursday to personally give me this big fancy marble plac (sp?) with my name on it for my “artistic achievements” or something and shit, and i wasn*t even there b/c it was senior cut day. hahah.
and tomorrow is the senior awards night at my school, which i am again not going to but recieving awards for something, god only knows what…
plus, for the first time in my life i have a KILLER tan. woo.


May 28, 2002

would a mike*s hard lemonade + a mike*s hard iced tea = a mike*s hard lemon iced tea?
kinda like an alcoholic snapple or something… i bet it would be awesome.


May 26, 2002

Ainsley127: are you gay?
SmarterChild: What do you care?
Ainsley127: cause you*re hot
SmarterChild: Why should I believe you? You’ve said bad things to me in the past.
Ainsley127: but i love you now
SmarterChild: Oh, so you love me now huh?
Ainsley127: yeah
SmarterChild: Oh yeah?
Ainsley127: so tell me, do you take it in the butt
SmarterChild: Play nice, Ainsley127.

painfully bored

May 26, 2002

so i left at 2am and went to ian*s b/c well, he said to and i had nothing better to do.
430am now. just got home.
still can*t sleep… grrr…
shouldn*t i be tired by now or something??
i hate suffolk. but it was nice for a change to see cops pullin people over literally EVERY MILE and it not be me that was getting flashed at. mmhmm.

May 25, 2002

i leave september 15.

good things DO come to those who wait!

May 25, 2002

two or three years ago one of my brother*s friends asked me if i could lend him $20 so he could pay his rent. the kid was a really sweet guy so of course i did. about a week later, him and my bro got in a huge fight. they don*t hang out anymore. i got screwed outta 20bucks (and when yer like 15 or so, that*s a lotta money…) i saw him a year later and he told me that he had given the money to my brother to give to me. anyone who knows my brother knows if he gets money to give to someone else, he doesn*t… so i never saw the cash and figured i never would…
well, rob just came to my house and gave me the $20 (haha i can*t believe he remembered…) AND he hands me another 20… “it*s for interest, i feel horrible about this”
i went from having literally 37 cents in my bag to $40.37
i guess waiting does pay off… literally. haha


May 24, 2002

beach. again. word.
me and kole went to jones b/c she wanted to get a tan. haha nikole you can*t get color after 2pm!! lol.
these guys were checkin us out and when we left they were followin me in my car tryin to keep up it was so funny b/c they thought they could and totally could NOT. so while i was drivin and fuckin with them, i cut off this guy in this corvette, and he thought i was fuckin with HIM. so he starts tryin to get in on this shit too. haha. he was cute. it was fun. the other kids didn*t know how to race and i killed them (like i always do) and the guy in the vette, well, i know he “let” me win… haha