good things DO come to those who wait!

two or three years ago one of my brother*s friends asked me if i could lend him $20 so he could pay his rent. the kid was a really sweet guy so of course i did. about a week later, him and my bro got in a huge fight. they don*t hang out anymore. i got screwed outta 20bucks (and when yer like 15 or so, that*s a lotta money…) i saw him a year later and he told me that he had given the money to my brother to give to me. anyone who knows my brother knows if he gets money to give to someone else, he doesn*t… so i never saw the cash and figured i never would…
well, rob just came to my house and gave me the $20 (haha i can*t believe he remembered…) AND he hands me another 20… “it*s for interest, i feel horrible about this”
i went from having literally 37 cents in my bag to $40.37
i guess waiting does pay off… literally. haha

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