i got another award last night at award*s night even though i did not attend… they gave it to me in school. another huge plac “for outstanding achievement in visual arts” bah. and i don*t even try. are they trying to tell me something?
rob came over today b/c he left his blazer here about a month ago when the brakes failed… he got new pads, roaters and lines and taught me how to fix//change//whatever brakes. he let me do +all+ the work and i got absoultely FILTHY and i fucking loved it. i did a good job and it was really easy and afterwards i was like hm, he just spent $300 on parts and i did it myself, but when i paid my mechanic to fix all my brakes it was $500. doing it yerself is definitly better, funner, and a fuck of a lot cheaper.
i can*t wait till i get to philly so i can take automotive classes.


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