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May 23, 2002

happy senior cut day



May 23, 2002

just got in. paulie came over around midnight after i got off work and we went over to rich*s to chill and watch cky3. funniest fucking shit i have ever seen. *evil grin* chilled there for a bit. rich just got prarie dogs. cutest little squirrel-rat-things i*ve ever seen. i totally want one. came back here. went out drivin a bit. tired. sleep now…

May 22, 2002



May 21, 2002

Ainsley127: how*ve you been?
Slipknot69911: could use a little ainsley in my life.
aww valli i ❤ you

May 18, 2002

went up to lia & wayne*s today to take some pictures and ride a little. no cows to pen, so instead we used their minature ponies… chasing a group of two foot tall horses around a ring while riding another horse certainly is strange… but riding lia*s horses are amazing, they*re so incredibly broke and +so+ fast… i can*t wait for this summer when i can ride all the time b/c my back is finally getting better…

a big fuck you

May 18, 2002

goes out to dain.
funny how only a couple weeks ago, you used to come crying to me about how you had nobody and how miserable you were. and i was the only fucking person there for you. and i was +always+ there for you, 110%, unconditionally.
and this whole shit goes down.
and you act like i am your worst fucking enemey.
so fuck you.
b/c i never fucking touched xtian and i never would.
i didn*t do shit. not to nikole, not to you.
so next time you need someone to be there for you, think about the fact that you have become everything you said you once hated.

mmm sun…

May 18, 2002

and while everyone was sitting on their asses in school today, i got mine to the beach.

snip snip

May 16, 2002

last night i had the overwhelming urge to cut my hair… it was growing out and looked kinda eh, like lesbian-boy hair for lack of a better description.
so around midnight i busted out the scissors and went for it. and it looks fucking awesome. it*s short to my chin, layered in the back and angled in the front.
i have gotten more compliments today with this diy haircut than any other time i had ever like gone and gotten it done.

the meaning of gay.

May 13, 2002

carolann: that is so gay.
mr. cascone: hey! gay doesn’t only mean homosexual you know, it also means happy, so don’t use it as a deragatory term
me: so cascone, i*m guessing you*re pretty “gay” right now huh?
cascone: i*m the gayest of the gay.
HAHAHAH i love math.

jay on boys…

May 13, 2002

FLESHOFABIRD: if u cant make up u’r mind then go out with me for 110 days, haha.
jay yer the best
(i am leaving in 110 days.. aka three months)