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funny how…

May 12, 2002

funny how bill*s mom im*s me about once a week to see how i*m doing. it*s odd, but sweet…

you*re the right kind of wrong…

May 9, 2002

just got home from wading river…
i cut my last class at school and drove out to see jesse.
he*s fucking awesome.
and really cute too.

my thoughts for today…

May 8, 2002

we are all terminally ill.
life is a terminal disease.


May 7, 2002

he said it.
lou said the “G” word.

i*m not actually keeping count

May 6, 2002

reason #132 i love my job…
besides the fact that nikole and dan and everyone and their mom works there (haha actually, my friends mom DOES work there)…
my boss bought me a little stuffed horse today. she saw it and thought i*d like it.
i ❤ cvs2096

my mood has been "happy" for several consecutive entries… weird…

May 6, 2002

just got off the phone with jesse… i think i could really like him if i let myself. he*s coming over thursday to hang out… he has his own car and he has a job and goes to college. way for me to meet a guy that actually is doing something with his life 😉 “i*d take you out but i don*t get paid till monday” whoa, i am totally not used to hearing stuff like that. can i get a hell yeah? *swoon*

hot like fi-ya.

May 5, 2002

i am so incredibly cold and wet and tired and happy.
me and kole and my mom went to the belmont fair and it was SO much fun… we went on a billion sick-y rides and won stupid little toys. i got to pet a camel and a yak or something and a kangaroo at the petting zoo. and i got hit on by a (cute) carnival worker. haha. before we left me and kole went on those big water slide rides and i am soaked, hence the first line of this entry… off to call jesse 😉


May 5, 2002

just got home from yet another fun-filled weekend with nikole… we went to that hxc show at ethical yesterday and i actually had a lotta fun. we left to get pizza before though and like kole was ordering and the kid asked me if i wanted anything and i was like oh no i don*t have any money… and so joking around i was like yeah but i take charity. and he wound up giving me free food. it rocked. so we went back to ethical and there were a billion people i hadn*t seen in ages… jay haley <3, the good billie and lenny, another good bill, adam vargas, and a bunch of others. had some beer with al and the guys from eyes of hate… oh and there was this really hot kid that i kept noticing all night and at one point he walks over and stats talking to me and so laider on i ask my friend steve if he has a girlfriend and he was like yeah he does and the hot kid (jesse) comes back laider again and asks for my number and i*m like don*t you have a girlfriend and he said no they broke up two weeks ago [cue smile here] all in all, a good night… went back to kole*s at about 2am me her and xtian and went in the jacuzzi… and now? time for a nap…


May 4, 2002

just finished installing my new speakers… had to remove the entire back seat, rear deck etc etc. it was, uh, to say the least very “interesting”… my car sounds fucking hot the speakers are incredible. and mani wants to pretty much give me his three 12” subs for the back… *does booty dance*

zoom zoom zoom

May 3, 2002

way for me to be cheesy and a spic…
me and kole drove to levittown and went to tri-country flea market today, home of new york*s most whitetrash women ever. it*s fucking hysterical.
and of course, both of us were instantly drawn to the car stuff areas.
and i bought what i*ve wanted for a looong time. b/c i*m fucking cheesy.
i got DEFIANCE written across my windshield in old english and lemme just say that it looks fucking BAD ASS and a HALF.
AND, mani is paying to get my tints done in june. mani yer the best brother ever.