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June 29, 2002

kolexcore: we would prolly be decent criminals


June 29, 2002

i got my tints today.
and holy shit do they look good.
it*s like a completely new car.
i did 35% in the front b/c i don*t want to be +too+ illegal (haha) and in the back i did 20% so it*s nice and dark.
i*m so f*ing happy right now.

yet again

June 29, 2002

a long night. 445am. just got home…
went out to play pool with matt at like 1030 then we picked up nikole and hour laider and went out to hunt*s point and zerega ave with some other guys for some fun streetracin action. hah. it was pretty chill. we got a decent 30 mins of some good runs before the cops showed up. then at like 345am everyone was lining up to go again and these cops just came and bam, matt got a ticket… sucks… but it coulda been worse. oh well. but all in all it was definitly pretty chill.
time for sleep. AGAIN.


long day.

June 28, 2002

6am. just got home. time for sleep.
usual shit today. me and kole went driving around looking for trouble. wound up at a pool hall. we both sucked. then she called tj and we went to his place for a while… got home around 130am. lou calls me at 3. tells me to come to levittown to hang out. and of course since i can*t ever sleep, i went b/c i had nothing else to do… so, basically, i +just+ got home from lou*s.
my bed has never looked so tempting.


June 27, 2002

i haven*t washed my car since i got it over a year ago. YUCK.
so tonight me and matt went to the 24hour self-serve car wash place in island park. we got there at 1030. we left at 1am. hahaha.
he brought all his “i work at a performance car place” car washing stuff. we cleaned the entire enterior, vaccumed EVERYTHING, and used this awesome leather cleaner for the seats. then we powerwashed the car, scrubbed it clean, GOT RID OF THE SCRATCHES my mom put in the paint a year ago, and waxed that baby up.
it shines. fuck yeah.


June 26, 2002

school*s over.
but i still don*t have a free day.
i must go now, because work calls…
and i wanna hang up on it. hah.

it*s over.

June 25, 2002

it*s finally over.
i graduated today.
12+ years of school and they give me a slip of paper and that*s it…


June 23, 2002

$1,500 will buy me a turbo-charged engine for my car, with only 30k miles on it. my regular engine now has 99k…
what can i sell to make money? (besides myself. very funny…)

i love the smell of burning rubber.

June 22, 2002

me and kole went to raceway park today. yeah yeah that place that has those annoying fucking commercials on the radio. it was camaro//firebird V. mustang day. some nice fucking cars there… running 10*s and one even ran a 9. damn. so i*m sitting there praying i could race my little import, and i knew i couldn*t. then outta nowhere they start doing time trials just for any kind of car… someone was running a STATION WAGON so i said why the fuck not go for it? so i threw down $20 and did two time trials and one import class. being that i had NEVER done that before (raced on an actual drag strip//track) i had no idea what i was doing thus my time*s were kinda shitty… but they got progressively better and my speeds got progressively faster. i was able to get 1.5 seconds faster in the 1/4mile on my third run as opposed to my first… in the import class i was up against this other guy and i beat him. suuuuuch a good feeling. MENAGE!! it was incredible. what an adrenaline rush. but the thing is, it works that if you beat your own estimated time, you lose. and lucky fucking me i beat my own time. so i LITERALLY won, a
nd he TECHNICALLY won. fag. my car was still faster than his and that*s all that matters. ha. but i met a bajillion cool as hell people. and if you beat one car in yer class you get a trophy and one of the guys i was chillin with roger felt bad that i won but lost so he gave me his and i was so happy. so even though i wasn*t supposed to i still got a trophy. haha. i win 😉

pool sharks.

June 21, 2002

slept allll day. so good.
me and matt went to play pool again tonight. and i suck so bad. but it*s fun. i met these two guys and asked them to play a game them v. us and it was cool, they were really sweet. they won two outta three games haha. i gave one of the kids a cigarette when he won and when i won he gave me a dollar. haha.
not a bad night.
time for more sleep.