i love the smell of burning rubber.

me and kole went to raceway park today. yeah yeah that place that has those annoying fucking commercials on the radio. it was camaro//firebird V. mustang day. some nice fucking cars there… running 10*s and one even ran a 9. damn. so i*m sitting there praying i could race my little import, and i knew i couldn*t. then outta nowhere they start doing time trials just for any kind of car… someone was running a STATION WAGON so i said why the fuck not go for it? so i threw down $20 and did two time trials and one import class. being that i had NEVER done that before (raced on an actual drag strip//track) i had no idea what i was doing thus my time*s were kinda shitty… but they got progressively better and my speeds got progressively faster. i was able to get 1.5 seconds faster in the 1/4mile on my third run as opposed to my first… in the import class i was up against this other guy and i beat him. suuuuuch a good feeling. MENAGE!! it was incredible. what an adrenaline rush. but the thing is, it works that if you beat your own estimated time, you lose. and lucky fucking me i beat my own time. so i LITERALLY won, a
nd he TECHNICALLY won. fag. my car was still faster than his and that*s all that matters. ha. but i met a bajillion cool as hell people. and if you beat one car in yer class you get a trophy and one of the guys i was chillin with roger felt bad that i won but lost so he gave me his and i was so happy. so even though i wasn*t supposed to i still got a trophy. haha. i win 😉

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