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i*m not a playa i just crush a lot

June 18, 2002

surpising day…
took my calculus final… did pretty well too considering i had all the answers to all the questions stored in my calculator (haha)
took mom*s car to mavis to get tires b/c they were bald as hell and getting dangerous. i gotta do brakes for her this weekend… woman*s gotta learn how to take care of a car…
went to work. not so bad there…
came home, and guess who calls me out of nowhere? lou. yep. lou…
so he came over. we went out for a while. drove around. did some drugs. had some sex. all in all, a very good night.
time for sleep.


June 17, 2002

if everyone who reads this sends me their spare change, it would be muchly appreciated… anywhere from five bucks to five pennies. whatever you got. send it my way. all donations are more than welcome.
3 devon street
lynbrook new yawk
thank you 😉


June 16, 2002

so last night me and nikole and matt went to hot import nights in jersey… and, well, damn.
to say the least that shit was fucking insane…

way to be totally white

June 14, 2002

in celebration of no more school, me and matt went out at like 1230 to go play pool. me bein the nigga that i am can*t play anymore. i used to be mad good, but i lost my skills due to lack of practice. but he taught me and i actually wound up doin not so bad. it was quite fun. and rather amusing. he*s such a sweetie.
this weekend is shaping up.
hunt*s point tomorrow night, and then we*re goin to hot import nights in jersey on saturday. aww shit it*s gonna be fucking off tha hook.


June 13, 2002

i think i had the most fun today at school than any other day.
no work. tons of parties.
friends, pictures, tears…
and me and liz pimpin it in the parking lot after school.

June 12, 2002

one more fucking day till school is over.
color me retardedly happy.


June 11, 2002

Lostindistancex: tommrow after u work im guna come over and rape your mom
Lostindistancex: or u can cut my hair
Lostindistancex: whichever


June 10, 2002

i found out today that my car, a 4cylinder 93 G20 has the SAME 0-60 and 1/4mile times as a 2000 6cylinder base Mustang.
but this isn*t surprising… b/c my car also goes under the name of Nissan Primera in the UK (same exact car, infiniti g20=nissan primera, just different names on different continents) and Primera means “number one” in spanish.
go G go!

an overabundance of rice.

June 9, 2002

goooood day.
alana woke me up at noon by literally jumping on top of me. how*s that for a wake up call…
drove out to belmont at about 3 for the stakes… had fun, disappointing race though. oh well. there were actually SNIPERS on top of the main building at the track, you know, “just in case” it was fucking crazy. took me an hour just to get outta the parking lot. 110,000 people where there… shit.
so i*m drivin up hempstead turnpike in bumpertobumper traffic blasting my fuckyoutraffic music (etown), and this reaaally cute guy walkin down the road like looks over and smiles at me and shit. so five minute later i see him again while i*m stuck at a light and he waved acknowledgement or and said something and i was like “wha?” so he walks over to the car and we start talkin and shit and he asked me where i was goin and since it was on the way asked if i could give him and some friends a ride to franklin square. hahah i*m pickin up cute hitch-hiking guys. so of course i said yeah and they were really chill i forget the kid*s name though but he was a total sweetie.
got home,
went to cvs to visit kole cause she was bored. hula-hooping madness.
i split about 930 and the kid matt from ultima i was talkin about last night calls me and wants to know if i wanna go to valli*s and then to hunt*s point later. so he came and picked me up… we drove out to point lookout to go to valli*s and the fuckin nigga was sleeping so i popped a window and climbed in, walked into his room and like, attacked him. “CHRIS WAKE UP!!!” haha fun. so me him and matt chilled there for a while, split about 1130 to go to hunt*s.
mmm… hunt*s point… sooo good for streetracing. we drove around there chillin and racin and shit till about 215am. fuckin ill cars. hot shit goin down up there yo.
it*s 245 now. just got home.
and it*s still not over.
lou just called… you know what that means. 😉
such the good day.

small world

June 8, 2002

i went to ultima performance today to apply for a job b/c i need more money so that i can work on my car… so the guys were mad chill and said they*ll call me in a week and lemme know what*s up with this other girl that works there whether or not she wants her job back (b/c she*s outta the country for some car thing) and like so i*m sittin online and valli im*s me but it wasn*t him it was this kid matt and he*s like you were at ultima today and i*m like huh who*s this how*d u know and he*s like i*m the white boy that works there i saw yer application and i met you a couple years ago with chris hahaha it was so totally random. weird shit.