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well, that was random

July 31, 2002

so a couple days ago i ime*d my friend but it was this other kid derrek on his name… i met the kid back in the day he got his tongue pierced in my room. so we were talkin and shit and he*s still mad cool. so tonight we were talkin again and he was like okay i*m having a bunch of people over my house and we*re gonna get drunk and go swimming. wanna come? my response – fuck yeah. so i had a good time his friends were all really cool. hardcore kids who loved cars. *perfection* a little drunkeness and some naked swimming… overall? tonight was fun.


July 29, 2002

just got home. 2am. no surprise.
i went out to rocky point to let aaron drive cause his road test is tomorrow (good luck aaron!!) and that guy tom i met last night called me and asked if i wanted to go see a movie or somethin which was perfect cause he lives like 15 mins from aaron. so i went out there around 830. his house was HUGE. the garage alone was the size of my entire house… he was showin me around and stuff. he has a fucking lift in his garage cause his dad is a car fag too. i was like, damn. haha marry me? but he*s sweet. and really cool for a prep. (eww… prep. haha) so we went to see austin powers 3 with a bunch of his friends (the guy mark from last night with the supra was there too) and they were really sweet. after we all went to get some food. then i went back to tom*s house and we just hung out for a bit. he*s nice. i duno. it was weird though cause i*m used to scumbag punk guys. but anyways. time to get some rest, i got work tomorrow. boo.

another great night

July 28, 2002

i love this new spot we have in deer park. the cops don*t know about it (yet) thus we have HOURS of illegal racing and good times. woo yea.
origionally me and matt had just gone up to deer park to go to jd*s shop to get shit for his car. but we got bored and decided to see who was out on dpa. my friend mike called and wanted us to wait for him (cause we were gonna go to hunt*s point instead) so while we were sittin in the parking lot this guy rolls up in a white ’94 Supra with a turbo the size of my head (i*m serious.) insane amounts of boost. the most beautiful noise is the sound of a turbo spooling up. so like i was just staring at it (cause he parked RIGHT NEXT TO ME) and he goes to leave and i mumbled to myself ‘no don*t go!’ and he heard and was like what? and i was like, oh, uh, haha don*t leave i love yer car. so we started talking and outta nowhere i was just like, can u gimme a ride? and he was like yeah get in. cause i have a supra obsession. that is my dream car. so he drove me around he was the nicest guy and that car was SIIIIIICK. so then his friend pulled up and his friend was really cute and we got to talkin and we hung out a bit he gave me his number and told me that i “better call him or else” haha so i*m gonna tomorrow. so by then it was time to get everyone together and head to the spot. musta had about 50 cars tonight. went really well. some good races. a bunch of rx7*s were out. gotta love the rotary engine. anyways. time for bed.
go supra!! =D

another great night of burnouts and chirping tires.

July 27, 2002

first off, i bought my laptop for college. when i asked the guy if it was “damn good” he said, and i quote “they don*t make anything better than this, it*s the best money can buy”. literally. so, i*m happy.
just got home. headed up to deer park again like every weekend… thank god someone finally realized that they should get that shit organized instead of everyone just driving to the random spots (heartlands, habitat, area 51, remington, etc ect) to look for trouble. this new system worked really well. we all met up in a specified parking lot, direxions were given, and we all drove out to the first spot. “we all” meaning about 30-40 cars. literally. shit was off the hook. me and matt met up with pat and his girl and hamid came out even mike who owns ultima with his s2000 was out… so the first spot we got a couple good runs in and then the cops showed up so everyone jetted… a little more parking lot meetings, a little more driving around, and we eventually found this new spot. it was pretty cool. everyone was lining their shit up to run and this security guard truck pulls up, so everyone like ran t
o their cars and stuff but the guy was really he was like oh have fun and just left. next thing we know, a cop comes down the road… so everyone runs to their cars again. and then, the cop pulls a u-turn and LEFT! the security guard had told him that we were “doing a photo shoot for some car magazine” and the fucking pig believed it. haha coolest thing EVER. so we had like maybe three hours of uninturrupted street racing. needless to say it was a reeeeally good night. mike took me for a ride in the s2000. what a great car. and then hamid started talkin smack so he starts lining up to burn cars and i jumped in to go with him cause its such a fuckin adrenaline rush. he beat like four cars, smoked each of them, and each was turbo, while his car is all-motor. but then the guy from Fizz racing wanted to run his WRX and shit, so we did, and hamid skipped 2nd gear and fucked out so we ran a do-over. hamid of course beat the shit outta the guy but got a little too cocky towards the end of the run and didn*t slow down in time. the road ended, he slammed on the breaks and had to cut left at a fork and go into a parking lot at the end b/c that*s all there was. he was still going to fast and hit a speed bump. right then we both knew something got fucked. hit another bump, the car stops, and smoke*s pouring outta the hood… he cracked his radiator. by then it was like 330 and we were all ready to call it a night so we busted out the to
wrope and headed home.
all in all, a shitty end to a great night.
keepin it fast & furious baby. haha.

ima marry this boy.

July 26, 2002

i love paulie =D
today was kinda cool. deathly cramps again, goddamned ovaries. work was aight, i didn*t do shit like usual. then i picked up matt and went to get chris at his job and we drove out to deer park to go to jd*s to get shit for matt*s car and since i was in deer park i called paulie to see if he wanted to chill (he lives there) but he was with his girlfriend (who i don*t like b/c i don*t think she*s good enough for him, but he loves her, so, i guess it*ll have to be…) so i just went home eventually and when i was droppin chris off in point lookout paul called back and i was like haha yeah come to lynbrook and he was like okay but only if you give me a cigarette. i promised him one but haha i didn*t have any. so i dropped off matt and went home for a bit and then paulie got here at.. um maybe 1? i don*t really remember. we went over to nikole*s and played video games with her and tex. i love paul. he*s my best guy friend i*ve known him for about five-six years ever since we were both stupid ska-whores. i had to call like a billion people b/c i promised him a cigarette and fin
ally i called jeremey and made him DELIVER TWO CIGARETTES to nikole*s house one for me one for him haha. delivery cigarettes. what a great idea. i always keep a promise 😉 so we hung out for a while… i missed him so much i really can*t put into words how much i love him, he*s the most incredible friend i*ve ever had, most incredible person i*ve ever met. and i know i say this about a lotta people, but paulie is by far the best of the best. god i*m gonna miss him so much when i move to philly… but now i must sleep. i love paul. i wanna marry him. =D

i love my mother

July 25, 2002

so i was randomly going through picutres on my computer deleting stuff b/c i*m trying to clear out my harddrive and she walked in and saw a picture of lou and was like “who*s that” and i*m like oh that*s just lou and she*s like who*s lou and i*m like just some guy i see every once in a while and she*s like for how long and i*m like haha about five months and then she*s like oh are you guys being safe and using condoms and i*m just like yea we are.
i love how my mom*s so cool about that shit. like, she didn*t even know about lou and she just asked and i just told her as if it was no big deal. the way she asked and the way i answered it was kinda like a “so, how*s the weather” type thing. it was HYSTERICAL. what other kid can have a conversation like that with their mother??


July 25, 2002

Ainsley127: my internets being gay =(
DigitalFroot: is it styling your hair and telling you that your prada shoes were last season?

July 24, 2002

and b/c of my fucking period making me do dumb things I LEFT MY FUCKING CELL PHONE AT WORK
somebody shoot me. please.

July 24, 2002

i want to fucking kill somone.
i haven*t had my period in about six months and i feel like I AM GOING TO DIE.

i <3 pa

July 23, 2002

so i just got home from two days in philly at my college. and i am so happy b/c i know i*m gonna love going there. i love the city and i love the university and i loved the people. i met about a billion kids, all who were cool as hell. too many to mention even. and it was so much fun. i met a lotta the kids that already go there and they*re all really nice. at night they had this big party type thing and a soccer game and i usually don*t like that kinda shit but i was sitting on this grass hill on the side of the field with my girlies and it was just really really nice to be able to do something like that in the middle of a huge city. also, i was checkin out the guy-scene just so i*d be a step ahead come september (hah) and i noticed this really cute guy waiting on line to get his id picture taken after i was done. so like, he looked over and saw me and smiled so i smiled and for the rest of the day we kept seein eachother and smiling but were never able to get close enough to talk (boo). so i stayed over in the dorms they were +really+ nice and i can*t wait to move in. the next day (today) after having breakf
ast with some of the girls i had met, i was sitting in the quad talking to my friend on my cell, and The Guy walked by and he was like “hey” and gave me a reeeeally cute smile. his name is joel and he is majoring in computer science (and so am i!) so we*ll definitly be having some classes together. *swoon* and then we had to sit and watch pretty gay presentations in the mandell theatre and i noticed him alllll the way across the entire room (which is pretty big) and we was starin at me. =D so, we*ll see how that turns out in a month or two… hahaha. *shakes butt* go me.