i <3 pa

so i just got home from two days in philly at my college. and i am so happy b/c i know i*m gonna love going there. i love the city and i love the university and i loved the people. i met about a billion kids, all who were cool as hell. too many to mention even. and it was so much fun. i met a lotta the kids that already go there and they*re all really nice. at night they had this big party type thing and a soccer game and i usually don*t like that kinda shit but i was sitting on this grass hill on the side of the field with my girlies and it was just really really nice to be able to do something like that in the middle of a huge city. also, i was checkin out the guy-scene just so i*d be a step ahead come september (hah) and i noticed this really cute guy waiting on line to get his id picture taken after i was done. so like, he looked over and saw me and smiled so i smiled and for the rest of the day we kept seein eachother and smiling but were never able to get close enough to talk (boo). so i stayed over in the dorms they were +really+ nice and i can*t wait to move in. the next day (today) after having breakf
ast with some of the girls i had met, i was sitting in the quad talking to my friend on my cell, and The Guy walked by and he was like “hey” and gave me a reeeeally cute smile. his name is joel and he is majoring in computer science (and so am i!) so we*ll definitly be having some classes together. *swoon* and then we had to sit and watch pretty gay presentations in the mandell theatre and i noticed him alllll the way across the entire room (which is pretty big) and we was starin at me. =D so, we*ll see how that turns out in a month or two… hahaha. *shakes butt* go me.

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