i love my mother

so i was randomly going through picutres on my computer deleting stuff b/c i*m trying to clear out my harddrive and she walked in and saw a picture of lou and was like “who*s that” and i*m like oh that*s just lou and she*s like who*s lou and i*m like just some guy i see every once in a while and she*s like for how long and i*m like haha about five months and then she*s like oh are you guys being safe and using condoms and i*m just like yea we are.
i love how my mom*s so cool about that shit. like, she didn*t even know about lou and she just asked and i just told her as if it was no big deal. the way she asked and the way i answered it was kinda like a “so, how*s the weather” type thing. it was HYSTERICAL. what other kid can have a conversation like that with their mother??

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