ima marry this boy.

i love paulie =D
today was kinda cool. deathly cramps again, goddamned ovaries. work was aight, i didn*t do shit like usual. then i picked up matt and went to get chris at his job and we drove out to deer park to go to jd*s to get shit for matt*s car and since i was in deer park i called paulie to see if he wanted to chill (he lives there) but he was with his girlfriend (who i don*t like b/c i don*t think she*s good enough for him, but he loves her, so, i guess it*ll have to be…) so i just went home eventually and when i was droppin chris off in point lookout paul called back and i was like haha yeah come to lynbrook and he was like okay but only if you give me a cigarette. i promised him one but haha i didn*t have any. so i dropped off matt and went home for a bit and then paulie got here at.. um maybe 1? i don*t really remember. we went over to nikole*s and played video games with her and tex. i love paul. he*s my best guy friend i*ve known him for about five-six years ever since we were both stupid ska-whores. i had to call like a billion people b/c i promised him a cigarette and fin
ally i called jeremey and made him DELIVER TWO CIGARETTES to nikole*s house one for me one for him haha. delivery cigarettes. what a great idea. i always keep a promise 😉 so we hung out for a while… i missed him so much i really can*t put into words how much i love him, he*s the most incredible friend i*ve ever had, most incredible person i*ve ever met. and i know i say this about a lotta people, but paulie is by far the best of the best. god i*m gonna miss him so much when i move to philly… but now i must sleep. i love paul. i wanna marry him. =D

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