another great night of burnouts and chirping tires.

first off, i bought my laptop for college. when i asked the guy if it was “damn good” he said, and i quote “they don*t make anything better than this, it*s the best money can buy”. literally. so, i*m happy.
just got home. headed up to deer park again like every weekend… thank god someone finally realized that they should get that shit organized instead of everyone just driving to the random spots (heartlands, habitat, area 51, remington, etc ect) to look for trouble. this new system worked really well. we all met up in a specified parking lot, direxions were given, and we all drove out to the first spot. “we all” meaning about 30-40 cars. literally. shit was off the hook. me and matt met up with pat and his girl and hamid came out even mike who owns ultima with his s2000 was out… so the first spot we got a couple good runs in and then the cops showed up so everyone jetted… a little more parking lot meetings, a little more driving around, and we eventually found this new spot. it was pretty cool. everyone was lining their shit up to run and this security guard truck pulls up, so everyone like ran t
o their cars and stuff but the guy was really he was like oh have fun and just left. next thing we know, a cop comes down the road… so everyone runs to their cars again. and then, the cop pulls a u-turn and LEFT! the security guard had told him that we were “doing a photo shoot for some car magazine” and the fucking pig believed it. haha coolest thing EVER. so we had like maybe three hours of uninturrupted street racing. needless to say it was a reeeeally good night. mike took me for a ride in the s2000. what a great car. and then hamid started talkin smack so he starts lining up to burn cars and i jumped in to go with him cause its such a fuckin adrenaline rush. he beat like four cars, smoked each of them, and each was turbo, while his car is all-motor. but then the guy from Fizz racing wanted to run his WRX and shit, so we did, and hamid skipped 2nd gear and fucked out so we ran a do-over. hamid of course beat the shit outta the guy but got a little too cocky towards the end of the run and didn*t slow down in time. the road ended, he slammed on the breaks and had to cut left at a fork and go into a parking lot at the end b/c that*s all there was. he was still going to fast and hit a speed bump. right then we both knew something got fucked. hit another bump, the car stops, and smoke*s pouring outta the hood… he cracked his radiator. by then it was like 330 and we were all ready to call it a night so we busted out the to
wrope and headed home.
all in all, a shitty end to a great night.
keepin it fast & furious baby. haha.

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