another great night

i love this new spot we have in deer park. the cops don*t know about it (yet) thus we have HOURS of illegal racing and good times. woo yea.
origionally me and matt had just gone up to deer park to go to jd*s shop to get shit for his car. but we got bored and decided to see who was out on dpa. my friend mike called and wanted us to wait for him (cause we were gonna go to hunt*s point instead) so while we were sittin in the parking lot this guy rolls up in a white ’94 Supra with a turbo the size of my head (i*m serious.) insane amounts of boost. the most beautiful noise is the sound of a turbo spooling up. so like i was just staring at it (cause he parked RIGHT NEXT TO ME) and he goes to leave and i mumbled to myself ‘no don*t go!’ and he heard and was like what? and i was like, oh, uh, haha don*t leave i love yer car. so we started talking and outta nowhere i was just like, can u gimme a ride? and he was like yeah get in. cause i have a supra obsession. that is my dream car. so he drove me around he was the nicest guy and that car was SIIIIIICK. so then his friend pulled up and his friend was really cute and we got to talkin and we hung out a bit he gave me his number and told me that i “better call him or else” haha so i*m gonna tomorrow. so by then it was time to get everyone together and head to the spot. musta had about 50 cars tonight. went really well. some good races. a bunch of rx7*s were out. gotta love the rotary engine. anyways. time for bed.
go supra!! =D

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