just got home. 2am. no surprise.
i went out to rocky point to let aaron drive cause his road test is tomorrow (good luck aaron!!) and that guy tom i met last night called me and asked if i wanted to go see a movie or somethin which was perfect cause he lives like 15 mins from aaron. so i went out there around 830. his house was HUGE. the garage alone was the size of my entire house… he was showin me around and stuff. he has a fucking lift in his garage cause his dad is a car fag too. i was like, damn. haha marry me? but he*s sweet. and really cool for a prep. (eww… prep. haha) so we went to see austin powers 3 with a bunch of his friends (the guy mark from last night with the supra was there too) and they were really sweet. after we all went to get some food. then i went back to tom*s house and we just hung out for a bit. he*s nice. i duno. it was weird though cause i*m used to scumbag punk guys. but anyways. time to get some rest, i got work tomorrow. boo.

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