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August 30, 2002

ryan talking about eminem on mtv tonight… (he knows how unhealthily obsessed with him i am)
Did you see him tonight? He was on and he didn’t have a shirt on and I thought of you with your face pressed up against the TV like ”uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. ~ 😛
hahah that is so totally something i would do



August 30, 2002

gooood day.
picked belinda and jay up from the train to drive in to the city for cb’s… on the way there this car in front of me was making a really weird noise and i could have sworn it was my car and i got all paranoid and shit so i pulled over onto the shoulder of the LIE to check it out and make sure i was okay… when i pulled over however, i did not notice that i ran over a previously blown out tire, and when i looked in my rearview, i thought it was mine…. my car was fine, luckily enough, it wasn*t me, but needless to say i did have someone of a anxiety attack. hahah.
i managed to make it in without getting lost and not having to pay tolls. WOO. so we parked and i walked around for a while taking pictures and shit cause ima miss new york. i*m moving in two weeks!! ran into greasy, good to see you*re still alive gorgeous…
the show was cool. these two bands from cali played and they were really good… i was talkin to one of the guys from the forgotten and he was mad cool, he gave me free shit… so oxymoron was amazing as always. my third time seein them. sucker shaved his mohawk o
ff. boo. i saw a TON of kids that i haven*t seen in ages and i was so happy to see them before i go.
then the night got shitty. and jay honey, as much as i love you, IT*S YOUR FAULT!!!
i feel bad writing this b/c i know it*s gonna make me sound like a bitch and jay i really do love you and it*s killing me that i*m upset with you…
but b/c jay left without letting me know, i waited for him for like 20 mins cause he had promised me some gas money for drivin him since my car was on e… and i needed the money to get home… but i was supposed to go move my car b/c you get ticketed for parking after 11… and i had no choice but to wait for him b/c there is no reentry for cb*s… and it turns out he had left and i got a fucking $55 parking ticket b/c i waited for him… the ticket was at 1120pm and i remember looking at my watch at 1110 thinking “i really have to get outta here…” DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT

hmmm. odd.

August 29, 2002

i was watching this skateboarder thing on espn and all the pro*s decided to go play polo…
i actually saw tony hawk get thrown off a horse. hahahaha
that was totally the high point of my day. and pretty damn funny.

my new philly address

August 27, 2002

ainsley hyman
room # 805
203 North 34th Street
Philadelphia, PA
when i find out my phone number down there i*ll post that too.
i*m expecting letters from ALL of you…

August 26, 2002

so this weekend was cool.
saturday i got some more dorm shit and then went out to aaron*s… stayed there and went with dan and him to cb*s on sunday to see antidote… show kinda sucked but i saw some kids i haven*t seen in a while… so, not so bad…

mm fun.

August 24, 2002

i started getting ready for college today.
packed two boxes of shit.
one box of stuff for philly, one box of stuff to stay home.
either way it barely made a dent in my room cause i have sooo much junk, but at leastit*s a start…
then i went to target and got dorm shit. tons of reeeallly cute stuff that i can*t wait to use. fred came with me he*s the BEST to go shopping with.
then matt called and said he had the intake for my car, so he came over and we installed it… and man, my car sounds bad-ass now.
all in all – yay.

August 23, 2002

i fucking despise the human race.
yes, i*m talking about you.
i fucking hate you. all of you.
burn in fucking hell.


August 21, 2002

i was just watching tv and there was a commerical from the guy that makes that orangeclean shit and IT*S A THING THAT GETS RID OF DENTS FROM YER CAR!!!
best of all, it*s called the “ding king” hahahahah and i MUST have it!

August 21, 2002

matt got me a “going away present” even though i told him he didn*t have to… he got me this fuckin awesome pool cue i had been eyeing up for a while. it*s really nice and it*s got this awesome spider on it, it makes me feel tough.. *flexes muscles* grr.

no i*m not chris*s sister!!

August 20, 2002

so i*m at work today and this guy comes in and talks to me… the following conversation took place:
guy: do you have a brother?
me: uh, yes…
guy: is his name chris?
me: no. chris who?
guy: valli.
me: haha no he*s not my brother but he is one of my very close friends…
how fucking random is that??? the guy turned out to be a teacher from chris* old high school. but, dude, weird.
then chris called me to see if i could drive him home and of course i did cause i love that kid. CHRIS I FLUFF YOU!!! but i totally don*t look like your sister.
anyways. that was my weird-story of the day. enjoy.