gooood day.
picked belinda and jay up from the train to drive in to the city for cb’s… on the way there this car in front of me was making a really weird noise and i could have sworn it was my car and i got all paranoid and shit so i pulled over onto the shoulder of the LIE to check it out and make sure i was okay… when i pulled over however, i did not notice that i ran over a previously blown out tire, and when i looked in my rearview, i thought it was mine…. my car was fine, luckily enough, it wasn*t me, but needless to say i did have someone of a anxiety attack. hahah.
i managed to make it in without getting lost and not having to pay tolls. WOO. so we parked and i walked around for a while taking pictures and shit cause ima miss new york. i*m moving in two weeks!! ran into greasy, good to see you*re still alive gorgeous…
the show was cool. these two bands from cali played and they were really good… i was talkin to one of the guys from the forgotten and he was mad cool, he gave me free shit… so oxymoron was amazing as always. my third time seein them. sucker shaved his mohawk o
ff. boo. i saw a TON of kids that i haven*t seen in ages and i was so happy to see them before i go.
then the night got shitty. and jay honey, as much as i love you, IT*S YOUR FAULT!!!
i feel bad writing this b/c i know it*s gonna make me sound like a bitch and jay i really do love you and it*s killing me that i*m upset with you…
but b/c jay left without letting me know, i waited for him for like 20 mins cause he had promised me some gas money for drivin him since my car was on e… and i needed the money to get home… but i was supposed to go move my car b/c you get ticketed for parking after 11… and i had no choice but to wait for him b/c there is no reentry for cb*s… and it turns out he had left and i got a fucking $55 parking ticket b/c i waited for him… the ticket was at 1120pm and i remember looking at my watch at 1110 thinking “i really have to get outta here…” DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT

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