thank you for the flower.

today was actually pretty cool. i seem to be having a lotta these kinds of days lately…
took the train into the city and went with belinda to meet up with jonathan on st marks. me and jonathan have been planning for like a year to go on a cheesy date just for the hell of it but we never got around to it. today we did. we went to dojo*s and got food and he got me a flower-that-never-dies and put safety pins in the stem to make it cool. most punk rock flower ever.
then we went to cb*s for the boils & special duties show. both bands were fucking awesome, i*m really glad i got to see special duties… AND i actually met people for once. i know practically everyone around here so i never meet new people but i met this guy from philly who was cool and these two reeeally cute squatter guys and this other cute boy… and to make it even better, doug and ian were there. and jay. jay i love you! cause you*re jay shady yes you*re the real shady all you other jay shadys are just imatating, so would the real jay shady please stand up, please stand up, please stand up….
then i got really dizzy cau
se i hadn*t eaten anything all day (i only got fries at dojo*s) and i was sooo hungry i almost passed out, so at penn station i asked these cheesypunks for spare change and i expected like fifty cents but they gave me $3.25 so i was able to get pizza and shit. it was pretty damn cool.
then, to finish it all off, i found all these old flyers and shit in my leather jacket from the winter and mixed in with them was a dollar. woo.

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