so me and this girl amy who i met here on sunday and who i adore more than anything went to this free dinner thing that drexel hosted. we met a bunch of people, then this really hot guy and approached us about something (i really don*t remember what exactly) and we wound up talking and it turns out he dj*s for drexel*s radio station (which i have been listening to for years) and so he took me and amy down there to check it out. turns out he*s in to cars too. woo. so he took us out for a drive in his ’76 pontiac (i hate domestic cars but it*s pretty damn cool) and me and amy literally ripped his clothes off him while he was driving and stripped him down to his boxers cause we thought it would be funny. then he stole me a big orange street cone which i later brought around to all the dorms and asked people to sign my street cone. haha. so we made plans to hang out later that night (this all happened yesterday) and he called me and came and picked us up and we went to this pretzel factory at like midnight in philly but he decided to go the wrong way up a street that was completely blocked off due to road work a
nd wound up ripping his exhaust completely out from under his car and it sliced through his tire too b/c he hit an exposed man hole cover and was going +way+ too fast. hahahahaha. it sucked so bad we had to wait all night for triple a. i mean it was still cool, crazy adventures and shit. i didn*t get home until like 4am and i was exhausted and he called me and we spoke on the phone for a while and then i went to bed. the end.

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