what a lovely weekend.

friday night me and amy had girls night. we made shirts and did our laundry and nails and had girl talks. it was f-u-n. i ❤ amy.
then saturday ryan came over. my roommate was gone all this weekend so he stayed over. he*s awesome. we took a walk around the city and tried to find a wawa b/c i*ve never been but failed in that. then we got dinner and later (at like midnight) we went down to u. penn. and went skating. it was SOO much fun. and so romantic. hah. i love the cheesy stuff like that. but i hurt my ankle b/c i have to have surgery and kind of forgot and now it hurts to walk. oh well. i only fell on my butt once and he held my hand the whole time to make sure i wouldn*t get hurt. *swoon* then we watched fight club and uh haha yeah… *wink* woke up this morning all cuddled and shit and it was wonderful. i got pissed cause he ripped the sheets and blankets off my bed while he was sleeping and i was like disappointed i was actually going to have to make my bed… so i went to go take a shower. and when i came back, he had made it for me. how sweet!!! drove around the
city for a while exploring and he had to leave at like 7 to catch a train.
all in all, gooooood weekend.

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