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October 29, 2002

i desperately need to be in a healthy relationship complete with cuddles and other bullshit couple-stuff.
no more of this me not knowing what*s going on and boys confusing me
no more me giving my heart away…

October 29, 2002

hrm. so me and gwen got candy apples today. then me and amy and amy #2 watched freddy got fingered. then i cut amy #1*s hair and we made a mess in the bathroom.
kelly adventures… the saga continues.

October 27, 2002

mem00phis: im so hung the horses say “im hung like mike!”

October 27, 2002

went out last night with some guys from the philly street racing scene.
i feel better now that i know car people here…
anyone who knows about racing knows how hard it is to get in with a new crowd because they have to trust you enough to show you the spots and give you the good word on events and shit.
and i am happy.


October 26, 2002


in the words of…

October 24, 2002

the head woman of the department of chemistry at my school taught the lecture class yesteday… she did a demonstration… the follow was said:
“i will now inhale the sulfur hexafluoride to show you its effects on the vocal cords. the reason i am doing it and not your regular chem professor is that she*s not done having children yet. i think it*s safe. i don*t care….”
THINK its safe?? DON*T care???
hahaha i LOVE this school.

October 22, 2002

mem00phis: i told ya ask me anything i am the all knowing memphis
mem00phis: king of well hung guys

October 20, 2002

wooo i get to see the boils in a couple hours!!
and i found the streetracing spots in philly.
i am SET.

October 18, 2002

fjheuhdfkih stupid wind blowing the door of my car shut and locking the keys in it!!
and stupid triple a for putting me on hold and hanging up.

October 18, 2002

best sex EVER.
and a half.
who knew a preppy guy could be so wonderful?
(not just the sex, in general too)