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goood weekend

October 17, 2002

so i haven*t had the chance to update all week because of midterms and such.
anyway. i went back to new york friday night to pick up my exhaust and random other little car parts. i didn*t tell anyone. i just showed up. suprised the shit outta some people i must say 😉 came back to philly monday morning…
so i hung out with some friends and blah blah blah. i really didn*t have time to do much of anything except work on my car, but hey, at least i FINALLY got my exhaust in…
and it was good to go home.

October 11, 2002

…coming home for the weekend…
be in new york by tonight.

October 10, 2002

something cool happened today.
but i forget what.

October 10, 2002

my tattoo started scabing.

oh yeah

October 9, 2002

today my friend gwen introduced me to her friend who got his sack pierced. haha. pierced nuts look funny.

you know you wanna read this

October 9, 2002

so last week my english teacher decided he didn*t feel well and didn*t want to teach. he wrote a bunch of critera on the board and told us to make a creative, entertaining story using the specifics he outlined. they were to include: a man named Franz who didn*t like the renaissance, a man Seymour who did like it, a monkey, a bomb ticking in the basement, a fast car, diamonds and rubies, a woman who was hurt by learning, and some dialogue… the following is my story…
back in tha day of da renaissance, there was this homeboy named Franz and his gay lover Seymour. they were always fighting, much like any married couple of the time. Franz was an international drug dealer who*s primary concern was living up to Ludacris’ popular song which goes “i*ve got hoes in different area codes…” of course, his “life partner” Seymour was very unhappy about all this, but since Franz’s substantial street-pharmacists income allowed for a luxurious life style of diamonds, rubies, and fast cars, he kept his mouth shut for the most part. you see, Seymour was a lover of the art of the times, and enjoyed going to all t
hose renaissancey-type things that they had back then. Franz only cared about money and ho*s. one day, after a particularly bad night on the streets, Franz came home with a talking monkey in his arms. Seymour bugged out of course, because the monkey couldn*t really talk, but since Franz was tripping face at the time, he could and did carry out full conversations with his “monk-boy-toy” this made for an interesting conversation between the two. Seymour let Franz have it. first, he pimp-slapped Franz upside the head and exclaimed “Yo B why you always gotta be playin me tha foo’ for these damn bitches? I ain*t carin’ about yo’ hizo*s, why you not showin’ me some mo’ lovin’ like i deserve?” Franz simply replied “’cause i be tha shiznat up in this piece and girl you know i*m hot like fiya.” Seymour sighed and gave up, he knew their differences could never be reconciled. maybe some couples therapy was what they needed, but Franz was quite the stud and he was happy to have him as his bitch. After they made up from the little spat, Franz decided to go for a ride in his 900+h horsepower RB26DETT V-Spec R-34 Nissan Skyline GT-R; the hottest and most bad-ass car to ever come out of the renaissance. as he was cruisin’ tha strip lookin’ for some man-ho*s to add to his own collection, Franz spotted a woman with one arm trying to catch a ride on the side of the road. usually he wouldn*t
stop for a chick, but the “vroom-psssh” of the car*s twin turbo setup and blow off valve had put him in a generous mood. he pulled over. the lazy woman only needed a ride to the local McDonalds, and on the way she explained about the arm. “I hurt myeslf learning how to disassemble this bomb i heard ticking in the basement” (the bomb was really an alarm clock but in the renaissance, those hippies could make anything possible) on his way back home, Franz beat a Toyota Supra TT in a streetrace and won two G*s AND outran the cops on his tail. he got back to the crib 20 minutes later with the cash. to celebrate, Franz and Seymour went to a romantic dinner at the Olive Garden and they lived happily ever after. the end.
my teachers comment? “excellent”
i love college…

October 9, 2002

it*s raining. the entire city is gray and beautiful. and i*m sitting in my window staring out across the city and it*s one of the most gorgeous things i*ve ever seen… the city lights through the fog… i love it here.

…the good old days…

October 7, 2002

went up to engishtwon with ryan today for some import event…
met up with matt and hamid and yogish and chris and pat and steph and everyone.
man it was SO good to see all of them again…
so we hung out at the track all day and had so much fun… and then i was joking around and was like “you guys should come back to philly to hang out” and they were like “yeah okay!” which suprised me. we drove back to philly and i showed them around a bit and we went to get some food and just hung out and stuff. it was great. i felt like i was back in ny. i missed them so much. ‘specially matt and hamid and chris. it*s not the same without them…
they just left. i feel bad, they have a 2.5hour drive back to new york. but oh well. good times are worth the gas scarifice. 😉
but i*ll be home for thanksgiving and we can go racing just like over the summer.
and i am happy.


October 5, 2002

my frog that i thought was a boy (well, i didn*t really know, i just wanted to name them Tyler and Marla) is laying eggs at this very moment.
i*m gonna have frog-babies!

blackouts are fun

October 4, 2002

the entire north side of campus is blacked out.
i just walked up 8 flights of stairs so black that you couldn*t see literally two inches in front of you.
damn that was fun.