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hit my car and die. bitch.

November 30, 2002

so i woke up this morning (well, this morning=1pm haha) and becuase my dad had surgery last week and can*t drive, he*s all gimpy and made me go get him a coffee. so i did. but while i was inside the deli some fucking guy hit my car and broke the passenger side front turn signal i was soooo pissed. luckily there were no scratches or anything, just the light was shattered. *thank god* . so i came home and i was like really upset and kinda crying and shit cause that*s the first time my car ever got hurt since i got her almost two years ago and my dad felt bad cause it was technically his fault since he had sent me to get the coffee for *him* and stuff. so i drove down to the infiniti parts dealer and he paid to get me a new one. fiddy bucks. damn. so then i went to ultima and grabbed some blue//hyperwhite bulbs to stick in there so that i have no more ugly orange turn signals. clear corners with blue bulbs, looks fucking SWEET. so it actually turned out for the better =D
went racing tonight. just got in. it*s 345am. not a single cop all night, and a TON of people showed up. it was rea
lly good. some nice turbo talons and a couple turbo hatchs were runnin, fuckin sweet ass races and shit. some rotary blew itself… oh well… so then there was this guy driving this green integra, and he was tryin to be all cool and shit, so after he ran some guy (and lost) at the end of the road where we were racin he pulls the e-brake to do a 180turn and fucking fucked it up and wound up slamming head first into a tree. haha. dick. he was okay, but everyone ran over to check out the damage, pretty bad. the entire front end was totaled. then i hear the guy say that the car is STOLEN. hahahaha. way to lose a race and fuck up a stolen acura. dick.
all in all, pretty fucking good day. good races, good friends, and now i get to mack it to my good bed. i am so set.



November 29, 2002

happy thanksgiving everyone, a day late…
yesterday was nice. me and my mom did our traditional non-thanksgiving thing. haha. then later on alana came over. i fuckin missed her like hell. this girl has been my best friend since i was like 7 years old. so she chilled here for a while then we went to go see chris cause he was stuck working till 10 and i wanted to see him while i was back too. then we went back to alana*s and she gave me this awesome pair of pants and a belt. thanks girl! left there around 1045 and i showed up outside my friend diane from highscool*s house and was like “suprise” haha that was cool. so me and di went over to dan*s (another friend from highschool who i hadn*t seen in *forever*) and we hung out there for a bit. i missed them.
good times good times. i love you all!!

sounds fun.

November 29, 2002

i can*t wait to come back to philly…
luke is gonna take me out for my first cheesesteak, and brandon wants to take me to dinner at a fancy restaurant and a movie. but when i said i didn*t own any fancy-appropriate clothes, he said we*ll go get me some before then. damn. what a bunch of sweethearts. best part? we*re gonna be total scumbags when we go. haha.

November 28, 2002

went out last night with matt to play pool and then to the diner… hrm… yea.

November 27, 2002

rob: its ashame ur in ny, i was all dressed up today looking preppy for u
i wish i was back in philly.

November 26, 2002

haven*t been in ny for 24 hours yet, and i already miss philly and wanna leave… *cries*
rescue me.

November 26, 2002

why is it that i can have my pick of boys from my little fanclub (haha) but the only one i want is the only one i can*t have? =*(

November 26, 2002

i *finally* got around to seeing jackass tonight. jeff took me. thanks angel! it was hysterical. but we knew that already.
i*m out.

oh btw

November 25, 2002

i*ll be in new york from tuesday till sunday.
hit up the cellie


November 25, 2002

praise the lord, for the fucking bitch is gone.
anyone care to visit me in philly? i now have a single room!!
woo fucking hoo!!!