happy thanksgiving everyone, a day late…
yesterday was nice. me and my mom did our traditional non-thanksgiving thing. haha. then later on alana came over. i fuckin missed her like hell. this girl has been my best friend since i was like 7 years old. so she chilled here for a while then we went to go see chris cause he was stuck working till 10 and i wanted to see him while i was back too. then we went back to alana*s and she gave me this awesome pair of pants and a belt. thanks girl! left there around 1045 and i showed up outside my friend diane from highscool*s house and was like “suprise” haha that was cool. so me and di went over to dan*s (another friend from highschool who i hadn*t seen in *forever*) and we hung out there for a bit. i missed them.
good times good times. i love you all!!

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