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mmm yum

November 25, 2002

so last night around midnight i was talking to rob who i haven*t seen in a couple weeks cause his bestfriend got in a motorcycle accident and almost died so he*s been visiting him every day… anyway, so i was like ‘i*m bored, come over’
so he did.
woo. i missed rob. he rocks.
got home at like 4am.
perfect end to a great weekend.

November 24, 2002

i think tonight was the most fun i*ve ever had while still being 100% sober.
i went to hooters and bowling with some of the people from psr (philly street racing) i love them all they all rock even though they*re mostly domestic kids (booo domestics suck)
i just got home it*s almost 4am and i am WIRED. i ❤ psr!!! i can*t even begin to describe the fucking insane shit that happened and the total amazing amounts of good times i had.

November 23, 2002

…and he*s in the fetal position giggling like a little girl.
i love it

November 23, 2002

john is on my floor, shitface drunk, i love him.
john, you rock at life.

November 21, 2002

i am ever so hungry.

November 20, 2002

827am and i*ve been awake for a half an hour… yes, this ungodly event happens once a week.


November 19, 2002

saved the day AGAIN.
charlie*s car has been dead for weeks. so we jumped it and brought it to the shop.
that*s what, three times now that my car has saved the day, since ive been here?
imports 3
domestics 0

November 17, 2002

i had a dream that i hooked up with eminem last night.
and consequently, i spent the entire rest of the day sleeping in hopes that i would have that dream again. haha.

i think i*ve found my problem-fixer

November 13, 2002

when i spoke to the ad/rd of the building yesterday about the roommate problem i*m having, she pretty much said nothing could be done at the moment, but suggested i read through the roommate policies guide to see if angela was in violation… and i did. and i think i found what i need–
“Residents are not to engage in any behaviors that threaten…health…of fellow residents.”
i win bitch.
don*t fuck with me.

i am seriously going to kill this bitch

November 11, 2002

so me and my “roommate” had a meeting with my wonderful RA today. it was horrible. a violent bloody mess to be exact. nothing got accomplished accept she reaffirmed my beliefs that she is a stupid snotty little mrs. princess self-centered whiny bitch.
so hopefully this roommate transfer will be pushed along quickly, becuase it*s evident to everyone that if we keep living together, one of us is going down, and it sure as hell ain*t me.
on a good note, i spoke to rob today. i hadn*t heard from him in two weeks so i decided to say hey and stuff and he was all suprised and was like “i gave up calling you, because you never called me!” haha woops. me and my stupid insecurities about calling boys almost fucked me over. but we*re all good now. damn he*s good lookin. haha.