so i went to the shop today to borrow some shit to fix the wiring on my subs, and the guys were working on this toyota corolla hatch… doing wheels on it. first thing i noticed was HOLY CRAP IT*S AN AE86!! the 86 chassis corolla, also known as the “hachi roku”… also known as one of the best cars ever for *drifting* so i started talkin to the guy that owned the hachi-roku and he was like yeah go check out the front there*s something you*d like. so i walk around and he*s got the “trueno” badge on it!! hooollly crapppp. straight Initial D style. and like we were talkin and the guy was really cool and he asked me if i wanted to drive it (i totally did but i was too in awe of the fact that it was an actual ae86 and like, was scared i*d hurt it) so i declined but instead him and me went out DRIFTING around the backroads of southeast lynbrook.
the point of this story?
holy crap!!!
it was like being in Inital D… so good… i thought i was dreaming.


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