last night was great. rich russo called me while i was working and wanted to chill, so he came over after i got off and we went out for a little driving around in his “turbo” car… anyway. so we wound up going to lolo*s cause neither of us had seen her in forever and it was really fun. we went to this big parking lot and i taught rich how to do burnouts and ebrake and tried to teach him to drift but he couldn*t haha. anyway. so we*re driving around and i*m listening to the car and it*s spooling but it doesn*t sound like a turbo, it sounds like a blower… so i make him pop the hood and i*m like hey rich where*s the turbo and he*s like ‘right there’ and points to the side of the motor, not down by the exhaust manifold where the turbo is supposed to be and i*m like dumbass that*s a blower!! it*s not a turbo it*s supercharged! haha. i was proud that i could tell just by the sound though =D so then we came back to my house at like 130am and alana stopped by for a bit…
this morning was goooood. woke up and opened presents. my mom got me a mini snowboard that*s like twice the size of
my skateboard so i can go snowboarding now without ruining my deck haha. my parents gave me like $200 to put towards my motor which is good… i figure i should have enough money for it by april. and then i*ll work all summer to get the rest of the parts i need and pay for the swap installation. nothing else too great. hamid got me these aweome timbalans (woo!!) and matt got me some greddy gauges for my car. thanks guys!! lolo got me a pack of smokes, y*all know i needed those. and to make today even better, its snowing like crazy so ima go try out the new board in a little while…

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