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December 21, 2002

went christmas shopping today with dan and diane. they*re like the only people i still keep in touch with from highschool… the only people worth keeping in touch with… had a lotta fun, got a lotta gifts for people. i love buying my friends stuff.
anyway. went racin tonight… it rained today but the roads dried out in time, so either way i still wasn*t expecting much… joey (the guy that organizes it) didn*t show up tonight and there were very few cars out… fuckin a new slowmaro and a 5.0 fox body mustang. GHEY. anyway. so out of nowhere a cop rolls up with his lights off, nobody even noticed,… and once we did, it was too late. that shit was orchastrated. they blocked off all the roads and stopped every car. FUCK. we got off with a ticket for no inspection though cause matt had a NJ one on his car. so not so bad, it coulda been worse… oh well…


December 19, 2002

kshdfkjasdfha fucking worked until 11:30 tonight… but i got to work in the pharmacy which means i played with drugs. and i did absolutey SHIT all night cause the store was dead. \m/ rock on


December 18, 2002

i want timbalans.
someone buy me some.
i*m a size 8.5
mail them to:
ainsley hyman
203 north 34th street
philadelphia, pa
i will consider them a christmas present and you will recieve a thankyou card.
(but thanks in advance)

omg today rocked

December 17, 2002

so yes.. today rocked.
alana stayed over last night, i ❤ that girl. what is it now, 10 years and going? i love her more than anything.
i had work at 10am this morning that was shitty yes. but it*s good to be back at work. i*ve been seeing a billion people.
i saw leah and sean and melissa and jen and everyone yesterday. and joi came to visit! <3joi<3 baby i love you!
anyway, so today. got out at 5, went to ultima, ate dinner while sitting on an old engine (haha) came home, and wanted to relax for a minute. not 10 minutes after i get home the doorbell rings and my dad is like “ainsley, someone*s here to see you” so i go downstairs and it*s…
she moved to england to go to college a while ago and i hadn*t seen her in ages. she stopped by to say hello so we went out to chill for a bit man it was soooo good to see her again. NYC DRUNK GIRLS FOREVER!!! drunk girrrrrllllssssss. we drove to belinda*s house to say hey to her too. then we went to dunkin donuts to get coffee and janyt spilled it all over herself hahaha and some old guy that was working the
re “cleaned her up” meaning he wiped off her jacket and sat her down and was wiping her pants too hahaha it was sooo funny she was sooo scared she got molested at dunkin donuts!! you had to have been there but it was fucking HYSTERICAL.
anyway. i*m sleepy. haha i love janyt!

mismis tree

December 14, 2002

just put up//decorated the tree.
usually, i have to throw a hissy fit and//or cry to convince my mom to get a tree, but this year she volunteered it knowing she would give in anyway. haha.
it*s beautiful.
haha and i bought a pickle ornamet. so now there is a pickle on my tree. just because i thought it would be funny. i ❤ it.

new york new york

December 14, 2002

back in new york… i*m stuck here till the 4th. ugh.
went out to play pool with matty. he got me drunk. thanks matt! =D then we went to the diner. i*m sleepy.

this guy is sooo awesome.

December 11, 2002

okay. so. rob.
me and amy and brie and the other amy and i were all chillin in my room watching spongebob, and one by one everyone left to go pack for winter break. except for amy c. and we were chillin and hangin out. and like, we were goin downstairs to get coffee and i realize that my bum hat is missing. and i*m like wtf where is it? then i was like “damnit i bet rob has it b/c he was playin with it and he said he liked it last night that dick prolly stole it!” so RIGHT as i said this, my phone beeps to tell me i have a textmessage, and it was rob!! “missing something?” hahaha so i called him back and i was like you have my hat!! and he*s like yep =D what an evil boy. he*s so awesome. haha. it was so weird though b/c his txtmsg came through at the *exact* moment i said i bet he has it when i noticed it was missing.
he*s so cute.

problems still unsolved.

December 11, 2002

so this week has been really shitty. *really* shitty. a billion reaons that i*m not going to discuss on here b/c honestly i don*t feel like talking about this shit with anyone other than my close friends. and chances are if you*re one of them you already know what i*m talking about.
anyway. last night i was talking to rob and it was like 1am and he knew i was upset so he came over even though he*d been up since early that morning and even drove 400 miles, he still came over to cheer me up. something about him just makes me smile. he was bein all dumb and before i knew it i was all happy and in little-kid-mode (haha my friends will know what that means…) and stuff. so we sat around talking and being dumb and whatnot…
(beware this is where it gets personal)
and i was all scrubbed out cause i was upset and wearin a wifebeater and a pair of pj pants, and my thong was hangin out so of course being a guy he*s all like “you know your thong is hanging out” and i*m like yeah thanks and we were standing up when he said this so he fucking pants-ed me and he*s like “now it*s hanging out
even more” haha. dick. but. anyway. we wound up just sitting on my bed all naked (he*s beautiful) and i was sitting all wrapped around on him and he was holding me cause i was all upset and it was really nice and he kept looking into my eyes like he wanted to say somethin but he wouldn*t when i asked and he noticed that *i* had that same look so he kept askin *me* what was wrong but of course i didn*t say anything. cause i suck. haha. i don*t know, for some reason i didn*t want to talk about why i was sad becuase i think it may have ruined the special-ness of what we had last night. it was wonderful though. just sitting there like that, enjoying feeling the other person next to you… and of course eventually it led to us hooking up (which was not what i had intended when we made plans for him to come over, but hey, it*s rob, i quite enjoy it haha) and then we sat and talked until 7am when he had to leave b/c he had a thing at 930am. but we talked and talked and he told me all this stuff i never would have imagined, and basically, he just keeps getting more and more incredible… and i keep getting sadder and sadder.

December 11, 2002

inside makes me cry.

December 9, 2002

i have to get up the courage.
i have to do something.
i don*t particularly want to do it,
but i know i must
and sometime soon.