for the punx?

as i said before, this weekend is gonna rock, and it*s already well on it*s way to reaching potential “damn remember that weekend? fuck that was great” status.
so last night was the avail//casualties show. it was totally a spur of the moment last minute thing… i went with <3amy and rick said he was gonna go and as far as i know he did but i didn*t see him. met up at the show with jonny (amy*s bitch) and dave and a couple other guys. it was actually a *really* good show. i hadn*t seen rick casualty in about 8 months so it was good seeing him again. haha i think he was suprised to see me in philly. what a sweet guy.
after the show we all went to this rad diner in bensalem. there was like a billion and a half more people that met up with us there. we stayed till about 4am, and well, it was chaotic, but in that good way. joe gave me the world*s most incredible backrub i almost fell asleep sprawled across two chairs cause it just felt So Damn Good. what else. drank massive amounts of coffee. insane happenings. sniper creamer assualts. and then finally, around 6am, sleep.
today*s plans?
philly car show at 530 w/zach
movie at 11 w/ryan

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