vroom psshh

as i thought it would, yesterday rocked as well.
me and zach went to the car show and it was sooo good. zach took a picture of me blingin an escalade. haha. they had an STI which i literally layed down and stuck my head under to get a good view of all the rallye protection they put under there. haha. and then, the icing on the cake… the LanEvo VIII!!! zach had to *literally* drag me away from it three times before we left. i hugged it. i kissed it. i molested it. i touched it*s rotors and got it*s brakedust on my hand! and i stole the valve cap from where you put air in the tires. haha. so now i own something from the LANEVO!! (lanevo = mitsubishi lancer evolution eight… previously not avialable in the united states, one of the best rallye cars ever)
we left around 8 and when i got back to the dorm ryan called and said he*d be here in 15. so he came by with his new EK9 and we went to go get food. my first visit to a Wawa, ever. i don*t know why, but i got a 10″ sub instead of a 6 haha and ryan dared me to eat the whole thing. i did. i felt like i was gonna puke. it was mad fun
. so then we went to catch the 10 o’clock movie. we saw that new julia styles//jason lee movie a guy thing. it was okay, but not as good as i had expected. oh well.
after the movie, we decided, it*s saturday night, perfect turbo weather, let*s go see who*s down by the stadiums. i wasn*t expecting much of anything being that philly has been on lockdown lately… but much to my suprise, there were INSANE amounts of cars. it was like how new york used to be over the summer. it was wonderful. and what*s weird is it was domestics and imports, all running together, all getting along. it was weird. like, that just isn*t natural. haha. but i duno. it was good. we were there maybe a good hour before the cops showed up. and then we split. drove around more, pulled ryan*s ebrake when he wasn*t looking (hahaha that was fun) and what else… just more random fun things to add to the night.
today*s plans– eagles game at 3 with some guys from school.

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