i want to be able to ride again
i want to jump a six foot oxer
i want to compete grand prix
i want to sing in a band, just once.
i want to build and drive my own 10 second car
i want to own a skyline
i want to drive rallye cars
i want to be a mechanic
i want to go surfing
i want to go scuba diving
i want to play with dolphins
i want to go skydiving
i want to go to the carribbean, paris, london, japan, ireland, egypt…
i want to fall in love
i want to have a house. with a fuzzy toilet seat cover. and a hammock. and a fish tank in the wall.
i want to LIVE.
i DON*T want to be stuck going to a 9-5 job every day and sitting behind a desk
and most of all
i do NOT want to be too scared to actually do anything on this list…

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