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January 14, 2003

okay, who*s seen freddy got fingered?
you know the scene where betty is flipping the creamers and she gets seven in a row?
okay i*m waiting for files to download for school and i got really bored so i have a creamer by my computer i flip when i*ve got nothing better to do, and i totally just got in the zone and i got FUCKING 13 FLIPS IN A ROW!!!
holy shit.
i rock.


found money

January 13, 2003

so last night i was falling asleep and for some reason i remebered i have a paycheck back home that i never picked up from my job… so today i called my mom and she went in and got it for me so woo that*s like $60 outta nowhere =D

i repeat

January 13, 2003

i repeat.
i wish you never happened.

January 12, 2003

it*s all about the boost.
so i heard from hamid last night, he was out racin in ny while i was sittin on my ass fucked up. he told me that there was a DET g20 that was smokin *everyone* that lined up with it. and i got soooo happy. cause that means (hopefully) after i put the motor in my car, i*ll be beatin guys left and right too. woooo. basically, that gave me hope.

go eagles.

January 12, 2003

this weekend has been pretty fuckin chill so far.
i FINALLY got caught up on my sleep that i desperatly needed for the past three weeks. i*m “recouperating” (if you don*t know, don*t ask, and if you already do know, then you*re someone i trust). i chilled with john last night haha he was sooo fucked up. and i went to see the play-type-thing that brie was in with some other girls last night, that was fun.
okay, so today, as i said, the sleep thing, and others. the nfl playoffs were on, and i*ll admit it, i hate football, i know nothing about it. but something about philadelphia… something about being here… i*ve got mad spirit. brie invited me to come watch us v. the altanta falcons today and i figured it*d be something to do… so i went… it was mad weird though b/c like i said i usually don*t like football but something about the game got me into it and haha i was cheering along for the eagles too. i guess coming from ny, nobody gives a shit about anything, but here, well, everyones got so much philadelphia pride that i can*t help but feel it too. i love this city. it*s amazing.%
anyway, at halftime, me brie and her friend barry we went to smoke a bowl. we got retarded. it was wonderful. me and brie haha musta been like watching two retarded eight year olds playing in their own little bubble. mad good times.
moving on.
the eagles won. of course. i still can*t figure out why i care, but i kinda like it.
so we were sitting in brie*s room mad stoned watching the game on tv and like when we won they started shooting off fireworks so i was like oh! i bet we can see them from here! (cuase our dorms have the *best* view of the phila. skyline) so i look out the window and there they were, fireworks! it was like the fourth of july, but in the winter. it was wonderful.
i love this city.

playoffs are here

January 11, 2003


January 10, 2003

today, i let amy borrow my boobs. don*t ask.

January 10, 2003

yesterday. mm fun. my friend kim said he wanted to come over and watch some initial d with me so i was like of course and on the way back to my dorm we ran into zach and he said he wanted to come too cause he*d never seen it before. so we all just chilled here for a bit and it was goodtimes goodtimes and stuff. they left around 5, i took a halfhour nap, then sharon came over and we chilled for a bit, then with monica, then we were gonna go to phipsi (frat) to chill but none of us actually felt like being that unlazy haha so we didn*t. then at like 11 rob tells me he*s comin over and i was like okay . so he got here around 1230 and left at 5am and i missed my chem class cause i didn*t get enough sleep =D

January 9, 2003

so i forgot to mention… yesterday was mad funny. me and zach were sittin in calc and i was kinda falling asleep and then this car drove by vroooom pssshhhh mad loud and i like all of a sudden woke up and looked around and was like turbo?turbo! and zach started hysterically laughing he was like haaha you woke up b/c you heard a bov and i*m like yah =D

new classes=new friends

January 8, 2003

so with the start of the new quarter, i*ve got new classes… and that means new people.
so i was sitting in my cs lab and i was looking at motors for my car and this guy sitting by me saw and we started talking and it turns out he*s obsessed with tha vroomvroom as well and stuff and we have a billion classes together and he*s a neat guy and so i*m happy.
the end.