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February 28, 2003

so kim took me out to teach me how to be asian tonight. he rocks. we went to some little chinese restaurant in chinatown (we stopped at carative woo) and we had pho. it*s soup of some sort. and i ate it with chopsticks. and i rocked.
and then.
someone fucking pulled the fire alarm in my dorm, so we were all standing outside for a good 45 minutes in the fucking snow and it really sucked. but. um. then me and matt got lost in meyers and tried to find zach and we couldn*t. and that was interesting.
and then… i forget the rest.


February 28, 2003

so i took the bandaid off my arm from yesterday and there is a HUGE FUCKING BRUISE where the needle was and a bump and it looks like i have fucking junky-track marks.
way to screw me up blood people.
they get the big thumbs down.

good deeds, done dirt cheap.

February 26, 2003

so i donated blood today.
but i stopped bleeding halfway through because why? my fucking vein *clotted*. wtf is that about? i was pissed. i wish i coulda donated the whole bag.
stupid veins, stupid blood… i*m pissed at my shtuff.

most girls…

February 26, 2003

most girls dream about rock stars and poster pinup boys… i however, had a dream last night that i was dating christian rado.
chris rado is one of the best drag racers out there. he*s young, he*s hot, and as of last night, he*s in my dreams.
i don*t know what the hell caused that, but it was definitly strange…
how very odd…


February 25, 2003

i have no classes tuesdays. it*s so nice…
ryan came over at like 2 since he had to pay a ticket or else his liscence would be suspended haha. so we hung out for a bit then he drove me and monica to the petstore so she could buy a baby iguana. we got one and it is SOOO cute. it*s adorable. we were thinkin of names for it so i figured something drexel-ish and i suggested Shaft (after the drexel shaft… if you don*t know already, you*re lucky) and that*s what stuck… anyway, so at the pet store this guy had an alligator and i asked him if i could hold it and he let me and it was the coolest thing it was like 1.5-2feet pretty small but still awesome as hell. what else. um. the iguana peed on us three times. haha. it*s absolutely adorable and i love it and i miss my iguana so much… i remember when spike was that little.. i miss her =(

bums are funny.

February 25, 2003

today was pretty damn chill.
i was told numerous times that i talk funny, excuse me, “tawk” funny, because i am from new york. well no everyone, it*s all of YOU that talk funny… ny owns you.
uhh so let*s see. zach bought me the skyline. then lex picked me up (whattup niggs) and we went to a-car-store-that-will-not-be-named-because-i-was-forced-to-go-there-against-my-will and to the pet shop to buy a mouse for his lizzard (lex you are a mean mean person. haha)
um. then what. we went to get chinese food and a bum told us we were married. when the hell did that happen? oh! and he lemme shoot his paintball gun at a tree. woo. i*m hardcore.
and just b/c i know yer reading this, your roof rocks, as does the church, and talking.


February 24, 2003

i learned today in college:
a penguin saved is a penguin earned.
zach bought me a skyline!
a little scale model of the R-34, but it*s still a skyline and i*m SOOO happy.
i*m going to go play with it and make vroom-ing noises.


February 23, 2003


cornrows anyone?

February 23, 2003

last night was real fun. my friend brian invited me to come chill at wkdu to do his radio show from 12-3am… but before that me and sharon and lajuana and adam all got really girly and did facials haha yes adam did it too. it was definitly a, um, strange experience… then lajuana cornrowed my hair and it looks hot. i*ll post a pic shortly. then i went to kdu to chill and had a good time there… got back around 330. my parents were supposed to come down to bring me food this weekend but the fog was so bad they actually closed the nj turnpike and they couldn*t and now i*m gonna starve. oh well. at least i got cornrows =D

phi kappa psi

February 22, 2003

last night me and jamie and sharon went to the phi kappa psi induction party cause we*re really good friends with a lotta guys in the frat… we were told it was a fancy party so we all got really dressed up and damn we are hot haha but when we got there it was like semi-formal oh well big deal we were the hottest things there. got good and drunk, danced with a bajillion guys, and basically just had a really fucking good time. then we went back to the phi psi house around maybe 230am and it was rainin and stuff and i was like omg it*s raining liquid snow! haha. what else. um. just your usual drunken college girls adventure. but it was fun. <3phipsi<3