bums are funny.

today was pretty damn chill.
i was told numerous times that i talk funny, excuse me, “tawk” funny, because i am from new york. well no everyone, it*s all of YOU that talk funny… ny owns you.
uhh so let*s see. zach bought me the skyline. then lex picked me up (whattup niggs) and we went to a-car-store-that-will-not-be-named-because-i-was-forced-to-go-there-against-my-will and to the pet shop to buy a mouse for his lizzard (lex you are a mean mean person. haha)
um. then what. we went to get chinese food and a bum told us we were married. when the hell did that happen? oh! and he lemme shoot his paintball gun at a tree. woo. i*m hardcore.
and just b/c i know yer reading this, your roof rocks, as does the church, and talking.


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