i have no classes tuesdays. it*s so nice…
ryan came over at like 2 since he had to pay a ticket or else his liscence would be suspended haha. so we hung out for a bit then he drove me and monica to the petstore so she could buy a baby iguana. we got one and it is SOOO cute. it*s adorable. we were thinkin of names for it so i figured something drexel-ish and i suggested Shaft (after the drexel shaft… http://www.drexelshaft.com if you don*t know already, you*re lucky) and that*s what stuck… anyway, so at the pet store this guy had an alligator and i asked him if i could hold it and he let me and it was the coolest thing it was like 1.5-2feet pretty small but still awesome as hell. what else. um. the iguana peed on us three times. haha. it*s absolutely adorable and i love it and i miss my iguana so much… i remember when spike was that little.. i miss her =(

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