okay so where did i leave off?
…monica took the train up from drexel to here on friday to come chill. we went out street racing that night. it was decent i guess, i hadn*t been out there in a while cause i haven*t been home… saw some nice cars… first gen RX7, two supras, an FD3S, turbo this and that, and the icing– a black evo8. first time i*ve seen one on the streets. anyway, i got pretty heated over the fact that a lot of the guys (not my boys of course) were being gay and we didn*t actually get any racing done till about 2am… and to top it off we were at the spot that i *hate* b/c it*s over in patchogue and it*s a pretty well traveled road for that time of the night and pretty out in the open as well. anyway, so we get in a couple of races, and of cours a bunch of pigs show up, and we all split. they even had a police helicopter and searchlight and shit on us. hardcore this time.
today, i was supposed to go to lakeside to see mo and go riding, but monica hasn*t been feeling well and she got really sick and had to go to the hospital, and we spent the good part of the day driving
around trying to get prescriptions for her and shit. finally did around 5, and she took a nap so i went over to the barn anyway. it was pouring rain so i only rode mo for like 10 mins around the ring just cause i missed him so much. hung out with everyone for a while, saw all my babies… i miss mo. i hadn*t seen him in fuckin seven months. i seriously need to go riding hardcore *soon*.
anyway, back to philly tomorrow…
thanks to everyone who hooked it up with tha good times while i was back, much love to all of you.

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