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i can*t believe i forgot to post this!

March 26, 2003

i had my very first philly cheese steak this weekend at geno*s.
a very special thank you to a very special someone for that one 😉

top ten reasons i*m happy to be back in new yawk.

March 25, 2003

1. i can watch speed channel and rally whenever i want
2. tons of food
3. free laundry
4. i don*t have to worry about where i*m gonna park my car
5. no pennsylvania drivers
6. all mah bitches.
7. my parents cook for me
8. no classes
9. no horribly noisy neighbors in the room next door
10. i don*t gotta do *shit* while i*m here

March 25, 2003

after a very fun-filled weekend at the lex*s, i am sadly back in new york till sunday.
feel free to come visit.

i beat a porsche!

March 24, 2003

i was driving up route one and the car in front of me was going mad slow and there was an old 911 on my ass so i go to move over into the right lane to pass the guy infront of me and as i do the porsche moves over too and i had to swerve back into the left lane to avoid him rearending me, and i was *just* about to flip him off when he pulls next to me and looks over and gives me the “holy shit i am soooo sorry” face & motion. it was like this older guy, prolly around 65 really sweet jerry garcia type… so he laughs and i laugh back and smile and like revved it and sped up a bit so he does too and we were playing tag for like a good 20 miles and whenever he*d catch up to me or i*d catch up to him he*d look over and just kinda like smile and laugh along with me cause i thought it was funny too and we got to a light and i had my car in neutral to keep the brakes from heating too much since it was a long drive so i revved it at him and he just smiled and waved me to go on so when the light turned green i floored it and took off and he like caught up to me in of course two fucking seconds but he totally let me win cause he
was cool as shit haha and gave me a thumbs up and a smile and then got off at the next exit.

March 23, 2003

everyone in my family, with the exception of my mother, makes me physically sick.
the fact that i*m related to these people nauseates me.
thank god i*m outta there…

March 21, 2003

i have a final in t minus 12 hours. chemistry. i am going to fail and a half. but that*s okay.
rob came over. i finally got my cky shit back. i*m sleepy.


March 19, 2003

i am my own source of constant entertainment
2 hours of chemistry review class today for the final. i gave up halfway through and started coloring on the arm of the kid who was sitting next to me. he didn*t mind. and need i say by the end of the session both arms were *covered*. this cute guy behind me however thought i was amusing and was laughing as i was trying to keep from being bored so i turned around and started coloring on *his* arm haha he didn*t mind either actually which has got to be one of the weirdest ways i*ve ever met someone…
later on tonight me and monica were watching ripley*s believe it or not on tv and they had a 2,600 pound rubber band ball over 4feet tall that they dropped from an airplane at an altitude of one mile. it didn*t bounce. it made a dinky ass crater and just kinda fell apart. i was *very* disappointed…

March 17, 2003

as if i thought the weekend was over? nope.
about an hour after lex dropped me off we went back out cause dis nigga wanted to go skate. well i can*t skateboard for mah life but since i have a deck and all i figured i*d give it a shot. nope. that didn*t work too well. i tried to be all cool and shit and hit it up from a runnin start like you see all da pros do and whatnot. busted my ass. spent the rest of the time scootin around the courts on my deck on my ass. haha. whatev. went back to da lex*s crib watched some gangsta-ass movie then drove around west philly tearin shit up. good times good times. and now… much needed sleep. peace out.

me lex = partners in crime

March 16, 2003

i love today.
so after the boys went back to new york i sat around for a bit just resting and the weather was absolutely gorgeous and i *really* wanted to go for a drive but i didn*t want to give up my parking spot… and just my luck, sexylexy asked if i wanted to go to the king of prussia mall with him. hellll yes. so we went. and it was fun. and we bought matching brooklyn nyc hoodies cause we*re just *that* gangsta. haha. anyway. so like, i duno, it was weird cause on the drive back from KOP, we were cruisin with the windows down the sunroof open the music bumpin and the turbo spoolin, and all that combined with the weather and the wonderful pennsylvania scenery (the sun had *just* set) and something in me just wanted to scream because i was so happy. i don*t know what it was. but it was that feeling of just being completely at peace with the world and it was only there for a fleeting moment but i felt it strong and definite. it was absolutely wonderful. i*m just in one of those moods i guess, but everything is just bee-yoo-tee-ful and i just feel so damn good inside…

March 16, 2003

it is 68degrees outside and absolutely gorgeous. i can*t wait for summer.
and to make today even better, this weekend was great. friday night we did the “girls night” thing then i went out to have a beer with lex at some random party… yesterday matty and hamid and joe came down from new yawk for Hot Import Nights. that rocked. got in fo’ free as usual 😉 tons of hot cars, hot girls, hot guys, what else could anyone ask for? so we had a really good time at the show i saw a bunch of people that i knew from philly and school and whatnot. afterwards we hit up the afterparty at shampoo, met up with monica and sharon and jamie and lajuana and tuan and adam and eyal and mike and a couple others. danced our asses off, had a great time. after the club me and the boys drove around philly a bit i showed them the spots but there were too many pigs out b/c of HIN to actually get any streetracing in. o well. came back to my dorm sometime in the am i don*t remember, hung out, and this morning before they left we all went out to get some breakfast.
all in all, i had a really bangin weekend and today*s weather is only makin me happier…