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April 24, 2003

i really hate the fact that i am so stubborn.
too stubborn for my own good.

April 24, 2003

i wish you all would just fucking die.

April 23, 2003

i*m updating for no reason.
i have no desire to write.
i have no desire to talk to anyone.
fuck you all.
i just feel like keeping current for my own sake.
so the birthday wasn*t that bad. went to the subhumans show with j and alex. i had a blast. it was great. they played wonderfully. we ripped on stupid 15y/os all night. at one point alex was screaming something about dick and i was like dude i want the dick. and some stupid little teenybooper kid heard me so he turns around and stares at me like “omg did she just say what i think she did” and got his little prepubescent hopes up. so i look him dead in the face and i say to him “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” hahaha. it took him a good minute and a half to realize what i said. then he walked away looking sad. haha. it was funny as shit though.
what else. my ankle*s getting worse. i need surgery so bad. but i refuse cause i*m the most stubborn person ever.
midterms this week have been sucking majorly.
i made $7 in my psychology lecture today. and it*s the teacher*s money. he was teaching about the whole pavlov*
s dog thing and tried to prove he could get us to raise our hands (conditioned response) by pulling a dollar out of his pocket and whoever raised their hand first would get the dollar. i got one. then he taught us about something else, how if we do an action first then we get a reinforcment (like a mouse hitting a thing and getting a food reward) so i raise my hand, prompting him to give me *another* dollar. then he explained about a third thing, rule-based learning or something. so some girl raises her hand and asks if she could please have a dollar. he gave her one. someone else asked for twenty. he said no. i raised my hand and said “may i please have five dollars?” and he said yes. all in all, he gave about $50 to the entire lecture hall class and myself i got seven. haha that was the coolest class i*ve ever had.
other than that, fuck off cause i don*t feel like talking to anyone at the moment.

death sentence.

April 20, 2003

she is terminally ill.
if i take extremely good care of her, she will last me until june.
yes. my car.
the transmission is shot… she*s slowly slipping away…
oh well. all the more reason to do the motor//tranny swap =D

the big one-nine.

April 17, 2003

go, go, go, go shorty.
it*s mah birfday.
we gonna party cause it*s mah birfday.
we gonna sip bacardi cause it*s mah birfday
and you know that you all give a fuck that it*s mah birfday!
happy birthday to me.
my last year as a teenager. *eek*

these are the days.

April 17, 2003

stupid livejournal erased the post i just wrote so i*m just gonna write a shortened version of it.
today was great.
the weather was perfect, 85 degrees and sunny.
classes went well, i wasn*t tired at all.
had a great lunch with lex, as always.
did something productive after classes but i can*t remember what.
hung out with amy for a while, i missed her like crazy.
went to phipsi at 7 with monica for their rush barbque. those guys are great. i had a blast. they are the anti~frat.
got home around 1130.
all in all, good day.

April 16, 2003

oh oh so i forgot to mention.
last week me and lex were having lunch, and like i*m always telling him “yer pritty” it*s just something i always say to him, and he was eating a fortune cookie, and he opens it and the fortune reads…
“you are pretty”
hahah it was ever-so-weird.

hi hi hi, phi kappa psi!

April 16, 2003

phi psi bowling tonight. just got back. me monica and sharon went with the boys and rocked out horribly. i can*t bowl to save my life… the first frame i went to throw the ball and hahaha i threw it backwards by accident, then fell on the floor laughing. *woops* can we say embarassing? hahah but whatever, i managed to bowl a highscore of 70, that*s right kiddos, seventy! hah. pathetic. yes. and um. i got one strike. by accident. last frame. i was very happy. then we got lost in south jersey thansk to tuan*s wonderful driving//mapping skills… the end. ❤

April 15, 2003

who*s goin to the subhumans show on thursday???

April 14, 2003

today i chased a duck.
and it quacked at me.
and then i quacked at it.
and it quacked back.
and we talked for 10 minutes, me and the duck.
then sharon fell in a hole. twice.