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so. yeah. today was eventful. much to my suprise.
after the hair-cutting drama, i went down to buckley field to watch a screening of bringin down the house (my school always does fun cheesy things like that) then when i got back to my dorm i reallly felt like goin out again so me and monica hit up AXP cause it was casino night. they were givin away mad prizes like a 5disc dvd player… i wont a large free pizza from a local place. score. that*ll come in handy during finals week. i love the AXP boys they*re all such sweeties. jeremey was all mackin it to me haha thanks boy way to make me feel shexy. anyway. rob txtmsgd me later he was at some club but wanted to stop by. so he came here at like 2am… he just like, its like 430, and i am soooo ready for *sleep*.

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