so i*ve been at my job two weeks and i*m already thinking “how can i quit a month early and not look like a bitch”?
yeah it*s a great job and i*m really happy to have the chance and it pays $9 an hour unlike everything else here that is shitty $6. so that*s a plus. and the people are cool. and the customers are cool. i*m just exhausted and i want my summer back.
this is the last summer vacation i am *ever* going to have, and i want to enjoy it. i*ve been home two and a half weeks and i haven*t seen any of my friends because i never know what day i have off until the night before and i can*t go out during the week because i have to be up at 7am. it really sucks. plus working 9-10 hours a day and being on your feet the entire time, by the time i get home (30mins driving in traffic) i*m too exhausted to move.
i want time to see my friends, to enjoy my summer, to go to detroit to visit monica, to go to the beach, to sleep late, to stay out late….
i had origionally told them i would work until the beginning of september, and now i*m thinking if i*ll be ab
le to even make it until august. i*m just so run down. esp with this fucking pneumonia. grr. stupid lungs.
so here*s the deal:
someone help me come up with a way i can tell my boss that i am quitting the first week of august.
thank you.

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