so a while ago i posted my first post on asking if there was a new york meet coming up. there wasn*t. so i suggested one. well i got a HUGE response, and today we had the meet.
it was at valley stream state park, 11am. i honestly wasn*t expecting many people to show up even though a million said they would. but they did. people came from all over, jersey, albany, connecticut, out east long island, etc etc. it was awesome. there were a TON of g20s, p10s and p11s, more than i*d ever seen together at one time. and they were all really nice. and everyone was sooo fucking cool. so we all hung out and got to know eachother since it was actually the first new york g20 meet ever, took pictures of the cars, and then had a huge barbecue. we all cruised over to jones beach at like 430 which was SICK having that many g*s on the highway all at once, i gotta say it was one of the best driving experiences i*ve ever had. hung out at the beach for a while, and they had a bmx//skate expo there which was really cool and unexpected. i got some sun thankfuckinggod so i*m not blindingly white anyore. first time i*d been to
the beach all summer, except for when me and takumi and ben not so long ago, but that was like 2am and didn*t really count.
all in all, it was amazing. we*re setting another meet up for the end of august we*re gonna do it at englishtown so i can run my car with my turbo. everyone loved my baby, she got much attention which made me happy. i also suprised the shit outta most of the guys with my knowledge haha needless to say i don*t think they*d ever met a girl like me before.
so, the first new york g20 meet was a success, i had a blast, so did everyone else, and i can*t wait to do it again.

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