happiest day of my life, what what.
first, i finished my last day at work. *finally*, a summer vacation.
the g20 is in my driveway. she*s incredible. boostin like crazy. and i*m perfectly fine driving stick after just a few minutes. (thank god. haha)
took the car to the weekly car-thing in oceanside to show off a little since she had just gotten out of the shop 30 mins before haha. mad people where checkin my car out, confused as to what the hell it was and what was in it. they were even more confused when they asked if it was my car and i said damn right she is =D
many props to hamid, my friend you are amazing.
custom fabricated downpipe, intake, and exhaust. goddamn son.

small problem– one of the transmission seals is leaking, that must be taken completely apart and fixed, anyone know a good tranny place? =/

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