7am. about to go to bed.
went out with the worlds sweetest, cutest asian boy tonight =D he was lovely. jonathan, thank you for a great night, i had a really great time.
i got a friggen parking ticket for leaving my car in front of my house (lynbrook has this gay fucking law that you can*t park on the street between 3am and 5am…) oh well. only $25 but if i go and fight it i*ll win considering I LIVE HERE. ugh. funny thing is… on the ticket, where it says “vehicle make” instead of infiniti (like it says on my registration) the stupid cop put Nissan. haha. loser. so either way i*m gonna win the ticket becuase they screwed up. i love my rebadged nissan primera *evil grin* i*m only hoping if i get a speeding ticket they*ll put nissan as well, meaning i don*t ever have to worry about paying a ticket again *woo!*
figured i*d call it an early night and go to bed like 4am. WRONG. me and pat decided to watch a TON of initial d, since he had never seen it before. and oh my god i want to go out and drive soooo bad right now. funny thing is, i just drove him home, and my
new sleep schedule (bedtime=7-8am, i wake up around 6-7pm) i never see daylight anymore… seriously. i go to bed when the sun rises and i wake when it sets. so i was driving around town and i seriously like didn*t recognize it anymore… because it was light out, and there were cars on the road, and people. it was WEIRD.
oh well 😉 bedtime now. nathan*s car show tomorrow. hopefully superdupra john will show up. ❤

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