supra john supra john super dupra john!!!
wednesday night = nathan*s car show.
i drove me and matt and hamid down there to hang out, saw some friends hung out for a while. i called suprajohn to see if he was gonna show up cause i hadn*t seen him since i met him last week but he didn*t answer. so i left a voicemial. midnight rolls around and he hadn*t shown up, and we were all getting antsy, so i left.
as i pull outta the parking lot, literally not more than two blocks later, i see his supra fly past me headed to nathan*s. in a very stalker-esque move, i u-turned. *hangs head in shame* i know i know, pathetic. but o well, it was worth it.
so i stick my car back in the parking lot, and i see his car and he wasn*t around. fuck it. walked around and made fun of some of the rice i hadn*t seen previously. i was all paranoid thinking if he wanted to see me he woulda called. i was just about to say fuck it i give up when i see him outta nowhere come walking towards me. *insert nervous heart rate increase here*
so he walks over to me and he gives me this adorable little smile and my
heart just melted. he explained that he lost my number in his cell (he sucks he doesn*t know how to use it, which i know is the truth because i*ve seen him try to figure it out and he can*t haha silly old man) and he told me he drove like crazy to get to nathan*s hoping i would still be there, and he sent all of his friends on a search party to find me once they got there. hahaha. i was like, you are *so* forgiven. so he was all flirty and mackin it to me and i was just like, well, gah, happy to say the very least. he*s so dreamy. haha. i said dreamy.
so we hung out for a couple hours and he forced me to drive his car. which i found out, pardon my mistake, it*s not 650 hp… it*s 700. high boost, off the bottle it*s close to 800. goddamn.
he forced me to drive it. i jokingly asked if i could and he was like SURE. so i panicked and i was like no wait i can*t i don*t wanna i don*t want to drive it i don*t wanna hurt it. and he was like no you*re gonna drive it. and i was like nuh uh. and he walked me over to it, wouldn*t let me get in the passenger seat, so i sat in the driver*s seat and i was like i*m not driving it, i*m not driving it, i*m not driving it. (i don*t like driving people i don*t know very well*s cars.) so he keeps making me do it and fine, i finally surrendered. and i drove it. and i smiled. and i ❤ him.
hung out some more, got all flirty, he picked me up over his shoulder i was like ah whatta ya doin flipped me upside down and bit my ass. *hard*. ouch. it was really random but really funny. i like random shit like that. i like john.
we left there maybe 230am… and as i was driving home, he called and asked if i wanted to hang out more tonight but i couldn*t cause i have to pick pat up from work at 4am (20mins from now) but i told him i*ll call him and we*ll chill and ooohhh i*m soooo happpyyyyyy.

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