yes ossifer?

got pulled over. haha. i was driving to get pat and i saw the cop on the other side of the road heading towards me, and my headlight keeps crapping out, so i knew he was gonna come after me. i pulled over after i saw him u-turn. he walks over to my car and i*m like “yes officer i know my headlight is out it*s just a loose connection” and he says to me with a little smile “your headlight is out” gave my liscence and registration, and he*s like “ainsley huh, that*s a really beautiful name…” i*m like uh thanks. he was young, kinda cute too. so i explained blah blah blah i just have to wiggle the wire and it goes back on and he really didn*t hassle me at all, he was actually really really sweet to me. i think he just wanted me to know it was out. how sweet. no ticket. thank you lynbrook pd.

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