i <3 the lynbrook police. seriously.

i thought today was gonna be shitty…
….and it was. except for two really fuckin cool things.
my ankle has been hurting me so badly lately that i can*t walk. i can*t put any weight on it, or it*ll collapse. i can*t drive too much, cause it hurts too bad. consequently i had no choice but to lay in bed *all* day because i seriously couldn*t walk. i couldn*t even get to my cellphone on the other side of the room. around 3am i was in so much pain i said fuck it, and since i figured i*d have to pick pat up from work anyway, i drove to the 24hour cvs for some quadrouple-dosing of tylenols… BUT. i pull into the parking lot, almost in tears from pain, and what do i see? a HUGE spider on the outside of my drivers side window. fuck. anyone who knows me know how incredibly scared of spiders i am. so i sat there staring at it panicing not knowing what to do because it was soooo empty nobody was out and i didn*t have any options but to somehow kill it myself. damn i*ve never once killed a spider in my entire life, except by using raid. so i eventually crawled out the passenger side door, and stood
staring at it for another 10 minutes on the verge of having a panic attack before i got up the courage to grab a cd case from inside the car, force it onto the roof (blowing on it from a distance to make it walk) and i threw the case at it and smushed it. i then proceeded to cry like a baby because i was so scared. just my luck as soon as it was dead and i was being five years old, a fuckin car full of boys pulled up and asked if i was okay and i explained and they said if i had waited they woulda killed it. oh well. another shitty thing– during my panic attack, i thought it was on me, consequently i fucking tried to brush it off but in my panic i ripped open my left forearm with my carkeys. that fuckin hurt, and it still hurts like a bitch. stupid spider.
so i went into cvs, got my pain killers, some velcro so i can finally get my turbotimer to stay under my dash, sleeping pills, an ace wrap for my ankle, and a fucking huge bottle of raid that will never ever leave my car. i am prepared.
so around 330 i left there and i was driving through lynbrook on my way to get pat and i*m sitting at a light waiting to make a left turn and i see a cop roll by me and stare at my car, like reaaallly staring hard. fuck. and i just got pulled over last night for my headlight being out. so i make the left, and he*s sitting in the middle of the road. i didn*t know if i should go past him or stop, so instead, since i was
still practically in tears from the spider, i pull up next to him, roll down my window, and asked if everything was okay. he could obviously see i was upset and he said everything was fine he wasn*t going to pull me over he was just looking at my corner lights since i have the clear bulbs (not the mandatory legal amber bulbs) since they*re illegal and all. but he told me just to pull over anyway. and i did, knowing that he was gonna take pity on me since i was a mess from the “incident” well, i explained to him about the spider and we got to talking and he was seriously the coolest cop i have ever met. he told me he didn*t care that my bulbs where clearish-blueish, he just didn*t want me to get hassled by anyone else… i said to him, “but officer, if you look at them, they*re not blue, they*re spearmint” haha i can*t believe i actually got away with that =D we wound up hanging out for an hour just talking and bullshittin and stuff. he was interested in my car i was teaching him things about JDM and whatnot and he asked what my liscence plate meant and since he was bein really cool i was like if i tell you you swear u won*t hassle me and he*s like yeah so i told him and he thought it was the coolest thing ever. so we*re chillin and talking and he was sooo sweet, an older guy too, father type. and some of his buddys pull up. i had three cop cars around my baby haha and we were all just hanging out. and t
hey all told me, don*t ever worry about getting pulled over in lynbrook again. i was like yea!!!! seriously it was the most fun i*ve ever had with a cop. we played on their laptops and ran plate numbers and they were tellin me about their cars and how they used to race and it was really a really cool experience. we made fun of ricers too =D so then around 430 we said our goodnights so i could go get pat, and so i pull outta the spot where i parked, and i roll down the street to a red light. the first cop, i forget his name but his nickname was beak, pulls up next to me, and laughs and ask if i wanna race. i was like helllll yea. so i start revving my motor at him and he revved back. hahaha. i made fun of his car for being a ford and he*s like “yea they don*t say fucker only runs downhill for nothing!” i was like omg you are the coolest cop ever. we didn*t race cause i didn*t want to get him in trouble but oh my god it was halarious. seriously. one of those moments that you wish happens more often. i totally feel guilty about being mean towards lynbrook cops now. in the past 24 hours i*ve met some of the nicest officers i*ve ever encountered. it was seriously a refreshing expiernce to hang out with them and not worry about them being asshole-pigs. haha i just can*t believe he was gonna race me… i*ve never had a cop rev his motor at me and actually want me to do it back =D
picked up pat f
rom work watched some initial d. it*s now 830am time for bed.
but the second great thing tonight other than the ubercool cops? suprajohn called me. he wants to see me again. i can*t wait. he makes me feel all tingly inside, that bullshit teenage-crush type feeling. and i like it. he*s wonderful. i can*t wait to see him again…

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