i must say, short of the night i met john, this was the best nathan*s ever.
drove to elmont to bernard*s house, met up wtih a bunch of the g20.net guys and we caravan*ed to nathan*s rolling four deep (not many i know, but 4 g20s in one place is a lot) representin, hung out for a while, another really sweet p11 with a stillen front bumper and brembo big brakes showed up so we all hung out and stuff and it was really cool, everyone was loving my car. i ❤ her so much. that baby rocks my world. so we*re hangin out and sittin around and this funny looking mitsu pulls into the parking lot… i thought to myself, looks like an evo, but that*s no evo i*ve ever seen in person… what the hell? it*s an evo 5 !! so i like freaked out, walked over to where the guy parked, and proceeded to be completely speechless. the kid imported the Evolution V back in 2000 and uses it as a daily driver. a real, RHD evo… not some fake bullshit one. a real one. i nearly died. so me and the kid were talking he was really cool his name is Lee he grew up in Brazil and he took me for a ride in the evo cause i was just like so amazed by it. the thing shoots flames… misfiring system… goddamn. i*m still in awe of it. seven supras showed up. turbo or twin turbo. and an sti. it was really cool.
so all in all, a great night… evo5… wow… i still can*t believe it…

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